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1. verb To speak negatively or unflatteringly about someone or something. Why are you always bad-mouthing Tiffany? You don't even know her that well!
2. noun One who says negative or unflattering things about someone or something. He's a real bad-mouth, so don't listen to anything he says about me!

bad-mouth someone or something

to say negative things about someone or something. Mr. Smith was always bad-mouthing Mrs. Smith. They just didn't get along. John bad-mouths his car constantly because it is too small for him.

bad mouth

Disparage or criticize unduly, malign, as in Why do you constantly bad mouth your colleagues? This term is believed to be of African origin, where the phrase bad mouth signifies a curse or evil spell. [1930s]
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1. tv. to speak ill of someone or something. (see also dirty mouth, poor-mouth.) I wish you would stop bad-mouthing my car.
2. n. someone who speaks ill of someone or something. Harry is such a bad-mouth!
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One of the hardest things about this situation is that this bad-mouthing has contradicted the very real messages I tried to relay about racism, inequality, homophopia.
The post Our View: Bad-mouthing UN envoys is seen as a national duty appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
But tell her you know she's been bad-mouthing you and that if she doesn't want to be your friend any more, that's fine, but it's sad.
They might go from applauding Bill C-38 or same sex "marriage" to bad-mouthing pro-life; to allowing some couples to live together without marriage; even to minimize or totally ignore the state of grace essential to receive Holy Communion; and to openly promote women's ordinations, in spite of that subject having been closed lately by the Vicar of Christ.
I don't think Scott reads these things and doesn't get affected by anybody bad-mouthing him.
Nowadays, of course, you drop down into Melbourne (after 24 hours of sitting still) and within an hour or two you've abandoned the guidebook and you're sampling Victorian shiraz along with the usual cronies, eavesdropping that special bad-mouthing that marks the chat in any city with pretensions to architectural quality.
A good rule is to discount bad-mouthing as if it never happened, particularly when there are no specifics.
Derek and Makosi were still bad-mouthing the Irish lass, who also had a row with Science after he continually told her to shut up.
The persona of the resentful beer-guzzling handyman that he assumed early on was hardly a stretch; bad-mouthing the client and the job is a strategy for psychic self-preservation that artists know well.
The 47-year-old, formerly known as Johnny Rotten, has spent the past week developing his bad-boy image, refusing to pose for photographs at the start of the show and bad-mouthing busty model Jordan.
CAUSE Some builders try to attract business by bad-mouthing the products their competitors offer
The pal explained: "Victoria had heard on the grapevine that Jordan had been bad-mouthing her.
I'm sick of her whispering about me and walking in on conversations in which she's bad-mouthing me.
He was bad-mouthing the war, bad-mouthing [former President] Bush, bad-mouthing America,' Mr.