bad taste

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bad taste

An offensive or inappropriate attitude or display; that which flouts or contravenes a generally accepted social standard. Some people thought that wearing such a bright outfit to a funeral was in really bad taste, but it was meant to be a tribute to my friend.
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bad/poor taste

1. An inappropriate amount of tact or discretion; a lack of sense as to what is proper or will cause offense in a given social situation. Consider your audience—hurtful comments like that are simply in poor taste. Many people felt that the sculptor showed poor taste in his unflattering depiction of the former president.
2. A unrefined, unsophisticated ability to appreciate or make discerning judgments about artistic, aesthetic, or intellectual matters. Blech, I hate the tacky way they've decorated their house. They've got such poor taste. People might think you have poor taste if you enjoy romance novels, but I've always dismissed such people as elitists.
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n. a share; a piece (of the action). Whatever the deal is, I want a taste.
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"It leaves us with a bad taste because the end was already close," quoted Sanchez, as saying.
The Liberal Party, however, issued a statement assailing the joint celebration, saying it 'leaves a bad taste in the mouth.'
Tesco card joke in bad taste ONE can be most upset, on behalf of Welsh children, on spotting the Christmas Card on sale in English branches of Tesco, to imagine them taking the message "Let's .....
Perhaps a bit in bad taste (no pun intended as I'm sure it's delicious) but still just a joke.
But those trews weren't just bad taste. They were specifically selected bad taste.
The dance battles were led by Bad Taste Cru and supported by Battle Lions Crew, and showcased a variety of energetic hip hop moves, street dancing and break dancing.
Indian film director Kabir Khan, who was in Pakistan recently to attend a marketing seminar, had to face shoe-wielding protesters at the Karachi airport, which left a bad taste in the mouth.
There follows a series of bad taste jokes, gross-out setpieces and some increasingly inventive ways to slay the shuffling hordes before a climactic splatterfest that would make even Sam Raimi hurl.
"Unfortunately yeast often suffers damage to its structure at these high temperatures and this damage gives the beer a bad taste.
Please indulge me a fantasy that is probably in bad taste: I would like to think that the Charlie cartoonists died laughing.
Her dip was part of a Bad Taste day during which staff and pupils dressed up to look their worst.
Billy Wilson, boss of the gruelling Tough Guy event in Perton, Wolverhampton, has been accused of 'bad taste' for using the names of bloody battles and even gas attacks at this Sunday's challenge.
It stands accused of exhibiting bad taste by displaying the joke gift, which comes in an IRA-style balaclava tea-cosy, near a new art collection examining the brutality of war and desire for peace.
A MISGUIDED simpleton from Manchester has just been jailed for his bad taste T-shirt, the subject matter relating to the two policewomen murdered by another village lunatic.
And 71 per cent - both young and old - think bad taste in Britain is worse now than five years ago.