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1. verb To speak negatively or unflatteringly about someone or something. Why are you always bad-mouthing Tiffany? You don't even know her that well!
2. noun One who says negative or unflattering things about someone or something. He's a real bad-mouth, so don't listen to anything he says about me!

bad-mouth someone or something

to say negative things about someone or something. Mr. Smith was always bad-mouthing Mrs. Smith. They just didn't get along. John bad-mouths his car constantly because it is too small for him.

bad mouth

Disparage or criticize unduly, malign, as in Why do you constantly bad mouth your colleagues? This term is believed to be of African origin, where the phrase bad mouth signifies a curse or evil spell. [1930s]
See also: bad, mouth


1. tv. to speak ill of someone or something. (see also dirty mouth, poor-mouth.) I wish you would stop bad-mouthing my car.
2. n. someone who speaks ill of someone or something. Harry is such a bad-mouth!
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This has irked X Factor alumnus Louis Tomlinson, who rants: "Is bad mouthing The X Factor the only way The Voice knows how to promo their show?
Thirdly, avoid bad mouthing the competition and getting sucked into arguments.
Try bad mouthing the government - that will earn you a 30-year stretch.
KAREN Matthews has been moved to a new jail after she received death threats for bad mouthing other inmates.
He may also like to consider with the help of 'one of us' why we the general ratepayers should have to pay for these no doubt enormous policing costs just so he and his fellow 'one of us' can enjoy - if that's the right word - watching so-called sportsmen spending a great deal of their time doing no more than bad mouthing officials and setting bad examples to children rather than getting on with playing the game.
Less than a fortnight after George Best's poignant, dignified funeral, Calum is bad mouthing Alex in the newspapers.
I have no recollection of bad mouthing Scott so I haven't got a clue what he's talking about, '' said Arthur.
I'M NOW so bored with reading reports of Austin Healey's bad mouthing of Lions managers and Australian players that I'm tempted not to buy a single book giving the "inside story" of the tour.
Mike Males, the sociologist who authored The Scapegoat Generation, points out that federal authorities concentrate on bad mouthing underage use of tobacco and alcohol--there by enhancing the image of smoking and drinking as "mature" activities.
They seem to believe that by bad mouthing Ireland they can somehow speed our recovery.
But it would appear they won't be bad mouthing each other because they are still friends.
A THUG who stabbed a man's tongue for bad mouthing his sister was jailed for five years yesterday.
Charles's live-in mistress Camilla Parker Bowles, so contemptuous of Diana and her complaints about the prince's courtiers scheming and bad mouthing her, has taken to calling private secretary Sir Michael Peat "the enemy".
Even after I'm dead they will keep on bad mouthing me.