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Anyone who takes their bad jokes to Big Mouth Comedy Club at Middlesbrough Town Hall Crypt on Saturday, January 3, could win two free tickets for February's show, featuring Perrier nominee and Radio 2 regular Ivan Brackenbury.
It's a bad joke to hear that they are putting the price of a ticket up.
30pm) SOME of us watched Basil Brush as children and took pleasant memories into adulthood - perhaps occasionally saying "boom, boom" when cracking a bad joke.
Juneau (Alaska, US), June 17 (ANI): Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has accepted comedian David Letterman's apology on making a bad joke about her 14-year-old daughter.
6 Who had to apologise after making a bad joke at the expense of the Queen Mother?
Yet in a season that's been a bad joke on and off the field, from the Love Boat scandal to the Vikings' 2-5 record and the season-ending injury to quarterback Daunte Culpepper, Kluwe might be the one Viking who is having a season worth remembering.
A spokesperson for Sabena said `it looks like it was a bad joke.
Simplistic, yes, but at least these frat-boy yuksters are the butt of their own bad joke.
VLADIMIR ROMANOV claims UEFA are playing a bad joke on football by allowing Scotland to line up against Spain and the Czech Republic.
I'd be laughing it off as a bad joke if it wasn't for the fact three men have been shot dead in suspicious circumstances and been branded terrorists without a trial.
I find it all a bad joke, like not being able to empty a bin if the lid won't shut due to health and safety.
I HAVE been of the opinion for some time that the justice system is one bad joke.
But after one cried in thewitness box as she described how she felt when Bachimade his bad joke at The Yard in St Mary Street, Recorder Roger Thomas QC told him "You can see the effect behaviour like yours has".
While walking through the gallery I starred to wonder if Sandback's use of yam is a sort of bad joke, literally stitching space together; once those knitting associations start it's hard to stop them (Ariadne's thread and so on).
It sounds like corny marketing spiel or the start of a bad joke but when Englishman Martin Smyth and Irishman Joseph Francis ran into each other on a train to Memphis the pay-off line was anything but laughable.