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stevewareham3 Can't blame either player, they are obviously as frustrated as the fans with inept management @LOTTC Can see why they are frustrated when others playing worse don't get taken off or criticised like they do @brettatkinsUTV sums us up, most improved 2 players shoot themselves in the foot and disrupt team, macron deal overshadowed @saleem_7 not condoning their actions but this behaviour stems from the general atmosphere & bad feeling around the club BLUES @waza_76 We get paid by villa to take mcleish
It reminded me of an all-you-can-eat buffet in a different way - I was left with a bad feeling in my stomach, as if I'd eaten something dodgy.
Fair City RTE One - Today, Tomorrow, Tuesday, Thursday, 8pm IT'S all going down in Carrigstown as Doug prepares to say his goodbyes and bad feeling is growing against McCoys But let's face it, why should Louie take it seriously, despite what Carol says?
I gritted my teeth and paid the levy but with some bad feeling.
If Barratts had kept on top on this area I don't believe all this bad feeling would have erupted.
It is a very bad feeling when you go to a final and lose and that one is a particularly bad memory," said Serbian defender Vidic.
EMMERDALE: Zak gets a bad feeling about the breakout plan when Eli and Marlon turn up dressed as a vicar and a chef.
Devon has a bad feeling about Lily, the new woman in his dad's life.
The last time I had a bad feeling we rolled over in that thing," he said, pointing to Mr.
It is especially worrying that the Government will give civilians a much fairer pay deal than police officers, which could be divisive and cause bad feeling.
I hope I'm wrong, but I have a bad feeling about the housing bubble.
Coach John Derrick fears the Steve Kirby ball-tampering scandal could cause bad feeling between Glamorgan and Gloucestershire for the rest of the season.
Covering such diverse topics as learning how to grocery shop for foods that are safe for one's child, educating others about the allergies of one's child, teaching one's child to be responsible and above all safe (for example, teaching the child to immediately spit out any food that gives a bad feeling, or how to use injected medication to counter the potentially life-threatening allergy symptoms), common dilemmas, and much more, How To Manage Your Child's Life-Threatening Food Allergies combines experience, solid advice, anecdotes, and tested tactics into one no-nonsense package.
Bad feeling at a Birmingham social club led to one of its members receiving a threatening and racially abusive letter, a court heard yesterday.
There remains considerable bad feeling in both the EU Council of Ministers and the European Commission over the continuing deadlock on the draft Directive for further postal liberalisation.