a bad apple

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a bad apple

A person whose own words or actions negatively impacts an entire group of people. Taken from the proverb "a bad apple spoils the bunch." Jeremy is really a bad apple. After five minutes with my usually well-behaved kids, they're all acting out.
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a bad apple


a rotten apple

COMMON If someone is a bad apple or a rotten apple, they are very dishonest or unpleasant, and they have a bad influence on the people around them. It's an opportunity for them to make clear that they are not going to tolerate a bad apple in the United States Senate. In any profession, there's always the rotten apple, isn't there. Note: If a rotten apple is stored with good apples, it causes the good ones to rot.
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a bad/rotten ˈapple

one bad person who has a bad effect on others in a group: In response to the allegations of mass corruption within the team, a former player said today, ‘There may be the odd rotten apple in the pack, but the majority are clean and honest.’
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Bad Apple said in a statement: "It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that NYE2018 will be our last night of trading.
Guests have a choice of mead from the local Wild Blossom Meadery; The Bad Apple carries the hibiscus, apple cinnamon, and spicy chile-also known as Pirate's Blood-flavors.
People seem to view events as a few bad apples rather than as a systemic problem.
Letting people know what you do--through presentations, job fairs, career days at high schools and colleges, community service--is the best way to let the public know how very few bad apples there are in your profession.
These bad apples also increased the susceptibility of normal cells around them.
The sharpshooter who shot and killed a mother and her two children because they misunderstood orders (to turn right instead of left), given to them by Israeli soldiers who had invaded and occupied their home for days, holding them captive in one room before releasing them, was just a bad apple who made a mistake.
The saying goes: "One bad apple spoils the whole barrel."Aa But according to the band, there's nothing too symbolically significant or special about their choice name, "it just sounded cool," said Khaled.
After finishing seventh in the table, boss Simpson revealed his side's efforts had been undermined by a "bad apple" in the dressing room.
Green as the "bad apple" ringleader who'd conveniently already been discharged.
Besides that one bad apple it was so cool seeing such a huge mob of skaters all skating down the street at once (insert the nostalgic "can't we all just get along" skateboard writing here).
Thus, Krusty Yellow Kola carries a yellow closure, Blues a purple closure, Cherry Bomb a red closure and D'Oh Bad Apple Crush has a green closure.
Even though Barker makes a nod to the current academic literature which is trying to get away from the "bad apple" analysis pushed by police and prosecutorial public relations specialists, his discussion is still locked into it.
Do not let one bad apple spoil the bunch,' he said in his speech at a Town Hall gathering with Perak civil servants at Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan, Ipoh today.
Finally in Jim Kidger Division Six, leaders White Hart Stags were beaten for only the second time this season as Top Railway One Bad Apple beat them 5-4.
Tubal-cain (Ray Winstone), a bad apple from the other branch of the family tree, threatens to storm the ark to escape the Creator's wrath, instigating a fight to the death between the two men.