a bad apple

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a bad apple

A person whose own words or actions negatively impacts an entire group of people. Taken from the proverb "a bad apple spoils the bunch." Jeremy is really a bad apple. After five minutes with my usually well-behaved kids, they're all acting out.
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a bad apple


a rotten apple

COMMON If someone is a bad apple or a rotten apple, they are very dishonest or unpleasant, and they have a bad influence on the people around them. It's an opportunity for them to make clear that they are not going to tolerate a bad apple in the United States Senate. In any profession, there's always the rotten apple, isn't there. Note: If a rotten apple is stored with good apples, it causes the good ones to rot.
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a bad/rotten ˈapple

one bad person who has a bad effect on others in a group: In response to the allegations of mass corruption within the team, a former player said today, ‘There may be the odd rotten apple in the pack, but the majority are clean and honest.’
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Guests have a choice of mead from the local Wild Blossom Meadery; The Bad Apple carries the hibiscus, apple cinnamon, and spicy chile-also known as Pirate's Blood-flavors.
Each storey, if we identify a person, we shoot them," must just be talking about orders given by a bad apple or two and carried out by some more bad apples.
The saying goes: "One bad apple spoils the whole barrel.
We have seen this group (who are a very small portion of our local youths) grow from being a few lads getting up to mischief to them becoming magnets for every bad apple from Dingle to Speke.
LAMPLIGHT Arts Centre in Stanley welcomes Yorkshire-based Bad Apple Theatre Company and its new comedy-drama Back to the Land Girls tomorrow.
New hair salon Bad Apple in Birmingham's Burlington Arcade off New Street is offering treatments especially designed for dry, curly and wavy hair.
Shocked to report that Eileen, Liz and Gina were all giggling in the front row as they watched how they disposed of bad apple Archie's body over a cliff.
The acclaimed author of No One's Girl and The Bad Apple, which was shortlisted for the Romantic Novel
Most CEOs have to deal with the occasional bad apple.
Alar also inhibited the growth of some bad apple fungi, which are worse for your health.
Bad Apple Hair, in Burlington Arcade, New Street, will charge just pounds 1 for designer cuts, with all the proceeds going to children's charity the NSPCC.
The acclaimed author of No One's Girl and The Bad Apple, which was shortlisted for the Romantic Novel Association's award for new writers, will be visiting Bulkington Library for two hours from 3pm on Wednesday, June 28.
He said: ``If there is a bad apple who lets the side down with terrible behaviour then it up to us to address it.