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in (one's) (own) back yard

In or near to one's area of residence or business. Local farmers have banded together to protest the government's plan of building a series of windfarm generators in their back yard. We don't want to have such a large, ugly monument in our own back yard.
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not in my back yard

A clichéd expression of opposition to some development or change proposed for one's immediate area, based on the opinion that it will have a negative impact on one's home or local surroundings. Often abbreviated with the acronym "NIMBY." There will always be people shouting "not in my back yard" any time a development is proposed.
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in one's (own) backyard

Fig. very close to one, where one lives, or where one is. That kind of thing is quite rare. Imagine it happening right in your backyard. You always think of something like that happening to someone else. You never expect to find it in your own backyard.
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in one's own backyard

In one's own domain, in a position very close to one. For example, You didn't expect to find a first-class organist in your own backyard. [Mid-1900s] Also see close to home.
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not in my back yard


not in my backyard

People use not in my back yard to talk about a situation where people do not want something to exist or happen near them, although they do want it to exist or happen somewhere else. Ottawa's inner city needs that kind of development, but it comes with predictable `not in my back yard' cries of opposition from local residents.
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not in my back yard

expressing an objection to the siting of something regarded as undesirable in your own neighbourhood, with the implication that it would be acceptable elsewhere.
This expression originated in the USA in derogatory references to anti-nuclear campaigners. In Britain it is particularly associated with reports of the then Environment Secretary Nicholas Ridley's opposition in 1988 to housing developments near his own home. More recently, it has been used in association with the siting of housing for refugees and asylum seekers. The phrase has given rise to the acronym nimby as a term for someone with these attitudes.
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in your (own) backˈyard

in or near the place where you live or work: The residents didn’t want a new factory in their backyard.The party leader is facing opposition in his own backyard (= from his own members).
The term nimby is formed from the first letters of not in my backyard. A nimby is a person who claims to be in favour of a new project, but objects if it is too near their home and will disturb them in some way.
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Not in my backyard!

exclam. & comp. abb. Don’t locate something undesirable close to me. (Describes an attitude that people express about having noisy or dirty facilities installed close to where they live.) When you say, build the new incinerator here, I say NIMBY.
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