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Achieving a simple, stylish look is exactly why Cari Shane turned her books backward. Four years ago, the public relations executive was renovating a 1914 row house in Washington, D.C., when her teenage daughter suggested the idea.
By this token, no matter how high the income is of a backward caste person, he or she will always be poor in the government's eyes - though not to his or her neighbours - and in need of clutches for securing jobs and education.
Energetic expenditure and net efficiency comparisons between forward and backward movements were determining using two-tailed Student's paired t-test.
BJP is not in favour of any reconsideration of reservation being extended to SCs, STs, backward and extremely backward castes.
(4) When [[omega].sub.1] = w, [[omega].sub.2] = 0, and [tau] = [omega], we obtain the backward SOR iterative method.
On Figure 1 the probability of backward scattering p(g) is plotted as function of "average cosine" g together with the probability of backward scattering in 1D model (g = <cos [theta]> = cos 0 * (1 - p) + cos [pi] * p = 1 - 2p-dotted line).
We say f is forward continuous at x [member of] X, respectively backward continuous, if, for every [epsilon] >0, there exists [delta] > 0 such that y [member of] [B.sup.
Additionally, a 2x2 repeated-measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) with group (MS versus Control) and walking direction (forward versus backward) as the factors was used to analyze performance on the WLG task.
The Government has envisaged several programmes and schemes related to economic, social political empowerment of people belonging to backward classes and religious minorities.
Similarly, from an anatomical perspective, there is the logical rationale for possible success of a backward walking intervention (8,17).
When the GRF passes anterior to the COM, a backward moment is applied about the COM, thereby creating backward angular impulse.
For each input linguistic variable, we define 3 linguistic values: small, medium, big , and for each output we define 7 linguistic values: backward fast, backward medium, backward slow, stop, forward slow, forward medium, forward fast (Popescu, 2006).
He hits the bottom of the cue ball to make it spin backward, even as it moves forward.
Romantic and slow, both casts--Barbara Bears and Ian Casady, and Mireille Hassenboehler and Sergio Torrado--float along, often traveling backward. The man ultimately pulls the woman into the familiar fish dive, exiting by walking backward.
My rat got so frustrated when he couldn't get any food by pushing that he developed a neurotic ritual: He would turn to the left three times while throwing his little ratty head around and then sort of fall over backward. A useless rat.