back onto (something)

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back onto (something)

1. To move or maneuver something backwards onto something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "back" and "onto." Ugh, I can't believe I backed my car onto the lawn. Oops, I didn't mean to back my chair onto your coat.
2. To move backwards and strike something in the process. Did I really back onto the lawn? Whoops!
See also: back

back someone or something onto someone or something

to guide or move someone or something backwards onto someone or something. I backed the car onto the flowers accidentally. Using hand signals, the mechanic helped the driver back the car onto the ramp.
See also: back

back onto someone or something

to go backwards, moving or rolling onto someone or something. The motorcycle backed onto my toe. Don't back onto anything as you go down the driveway!
See also: back
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A row of homes on the estate backs onto the banks of Cat Gallows, running up to the Cock and Bear Bridge.
He explained that their home backs onto what is known as the Glider Field - with the local leisure centre being built some time later in one corner.
The council has denied rumours the land has been earmarked for development and one resident of Windleaves Road, which backs onto the park, welcomed its closure.
The Bellwood Park development is an established residential community close to local schools which also backs onto the Forest Farm Nature Reserve, so as well as close local amenities there are peaceful walks literally on the doorstep.
Only the bike was stolen from the house which backs onto Howells School.
The hotel (01425-278884; backs onto the grounds of Highcliffe Castle, with the beach beyond, and three nights with breakfast now costs pounds 170, or pounds 190 for a larger room.
Externally, the westerly facing rear garden backs onto woods.
The flat in the Carling Court complex backs onto Cowbridge Road West opposite the American Golf shop, Carphone Warehouse and Data Tools.
There is also a double garage/ workshop with a rear vehicular driveway that backs onto the canal.
As this flat backs onto a church garden, it was perfect."
"The house itself was brand new and the plot was great as it is a very big corner plot and very secluded as is backs onto the golf course.
LOVELY The detached family home backs onto woodland.
It comes with a sunny rear garden which not only enjoys privacy but also backs onto Cyncoed golf course, so if you enjoy the odd round and fancy improving your handicap, this could be the place for you.
The road backs onto sloping ground above Spring Lane.
'This will reveal the original door behind the phone box which used to lead to a committee room and now backs onto a kitchen.