backroom boy

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backroom boy

Someone who advises a public figure or maintains a professional role that does not garner public attention. Originally used to describe scientists and technicians who worked without public knowledge or recognition in the United Kingdom during World War II. Primarily heard in UK. Although he is a skilled political strategist, he lacks the charm and charisma necessary to run for office himself and, therefore, is likely to stay a backroom boy for the rest of his career. We're not fools—we know that the backroom boys actually have all the power around here.
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the ˈback-room boys

(British English) scientists, researchers, etc. who do important work but do not have direct contact with the public: It’s thanks to the back-room boys more than to the sales team that the product is such a success.
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back room boys

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"Selling is still a tough job, they will go all day selling, you have to stay on the ball all the time, I would hate to do it, I am a backroom girl. "Selling something successfully looks easy when you watch it but it is quite a skill.
And for one North East backroom girl it was a tearful moment as she picked up one of the top awards on offer.
EMOTIONAL Chelsea stars last night dedicated their Champions League win to a backroom girl who died in a road smash outside Stamford Bridge.
She has been a backroom girl on the telly's top garden makeover show since it was launched in 1997, working her way up from horticultural researcher to assistant producer.
She was Barrymore's backroom girl, the wind beneath his wings.
She might have remained a backroom girl had her talents not been spotted.
I count myself fortunate to have heard the memories of local service personnel who had contributed on the day, from soldiers in the first landings to sailors to backroom girls in the WAAF directing aircraft.
* Halifax is paying tribute to the "backroom girls" of the city who played their part in the Second World War effort.
She represents the indispensable 'backroom girls', not on Council, but essential to the Club.'
ONE of the south of England's longestserving backroom girls, shorthand writer Barbara Wilding, had the tables turned when she found herself the centre of attraction at a lunch given by 13 retired and current local stewards at Plumpton, where she worked for 40 years.
It would be even nicer to see the backroom girls and boys being recognized, too.
Sara Thomason, until recently one of the CBSO backroom girls and now Friends' Administrator at Symphony Hall, is also a member of the orchestra.
And to help him, he has been able to design his own political machine at the voters expense, with knocking on for pounds 1million a year to be spent on policy advisers and backroom girls and boys.