backroom boy

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backroom boy

Someone who advises a public figure or maintains a professional role that does not garner public attention. Originally used to describe scientists and technicians who worked without public knowledge or recognition in the United Kingdom during World War II. Primarily heard in UK. Although he is a skilled political strategist, he lacks the charm and charisma necessary to run for office himself and, therefore, is likely to stay a backroom boy for the rest of his career. We're not fools—we know that the backroom boys actually have all the power around here.
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the ˈback-room boys

(British English) scientists, researchers, etc. who do important work but do not have direct contact with the public: It’s thanks to the back-room boys more than to the sales team that the product is such a success.
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back room boys

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CELTIC have paved the way to name their new boss by clearing out Gordon Strachan's backroom boys.
Wolverhampton Wanderers' manager Mick McCarthy has been presented with his first ever Coca-Cola Championship Manager of the Month award but immediately dedicated his trophy to his players and the rest of his backroom boys.
But while several backroom boys left the club when Kevin Keegan arrived, most notably head of sports science Mark Taylor, Round was retained by KK.
Technicians have tended to feel like the backroom boys in the past, but we do an awful lot of valuable work - science lessons in particular would not go on without science technicians."
And Donald Clay, of Crimble, was one of the unsung backroom boys who kept the films wheels turning - he collected old films and delivered the new ones.
While it was a fine training performance by Martin Pipe to produce Well Chief to win the Irish Independent Arkle Challenge Trophy at Cheltenham yesterday on only his second run over fences, the champion handler praised one of his backroom boys for the victory.
Ruddock will work alongside present backroom boys Scott Johnson and Andrew Hore.
This book is a rare peep behind the scenes in a game where the stars usually grab the headlines and nobody knows the names of the backroom boys.
No-nonsense Pulis stamped his authority at the Hawthorns in the days following his appointment, with several longserving Baggies backroom boys being shown the door.
SUNDAY The Backroom Boys: Quigleys, Albert Street, Rugby, 8.30pm.
WITH total disregard for damaging wildlife habitats and historic country paths, the backroom boys of Sefton council are pressing ahead with plans to sacrifice precious green belt for housing.
Calderwood continues to play a straight bat about his future but with Hibernian due to resume SPL action a week on Sunday, and Hughton anxious to get his backroom boys in place, it is recognised by both camps a resolution is needed imminently.
The New Zealand international said: "It was good to see him and a few of the backroom boys but it was still surreal to see Lenny as the gaffer.
But when the dream team comes a cropper, the two backroom boys think it's their time to shine and go after a corrupt billionaire (Steve Coogan).
Airbus secretary Phil Bailey said last nigh: "Craig Harrison and his backroom boys have been impressed with Eddie on the occasions that they have watched him this season, and I am sure he will bring an added dimension to are squad."