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*back (some place)

returned to some place; at some place again. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; arrive ~.) I can't wait till we get back home. When will we get back? Is it much farther?


(at someone) repaying someone for a bad deed. (*Typically: get ~; have ~.) Tom called me a jerk, but I'll get back at him. I don't know how I'll get back for her insult, but I will.


n. one’s support or second in a fight. (From back-up.) I need a back I can depend on.
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At the moment, children weighing as little as 15kg - around three years old - can travel in backless booster seats.
Three backless seats: Combi Kobuk, Fisher-Price Safe Voyage, and Graco TurboBooster
From left clockwise: Black sequin backless dress - pounds 125, black double belted dress - pounds 65, corsage dress - pounds 85, black mac - pounds 99; Turquoise dress - pounds 75
Jill Silver, the inventor of the Demikini, the new strapless, backless bikini held up by no more than a couple of dabs of glue, is hoping it will become the must have for sun seekers this summer.
Available in backed and backless versions, these versatile benches allow armrest quantity and placement to be specified.
Fifty-one models have been added to the 3000 Series of Backless Stools.
CLOTHES o Moto stretch jeans pounds 35 o Long-sleeve floral top pounds 28 o Lace-up suede hot pants pounds 30 o Halter-neck backless suede waistcoat pounds 25 o Faded denim mini-skirt pounds 22 o White embroidered bikini top pounds 12 o Patchwork suede mini-skirt pounds 35 o Tan fringed backless top pounds 20All clothes are from Top Shop.
the Shubert Organization, and movie producer Scott Rudin), is staged by Michael Mayer in a white backless box that serves as a sort of cartoon-panel frame.
In the utterly modern version of Celebration presented here, eight female dancers, clad in Donna Karan's dazzling backless costumes, were joined for the first time by five male dancers.
2017 SharI'm geared up to put car in retro for drive down memory lane PAGE 03 Fashion Slip into our pick of bang on trend backless loafers PAGE 09 YOUR SEVEN DAY TELLY GUIDE INSIDE Woman Kylie Jenner is going pout on her own PAGES 10&11 PAGES 04&05 battle I'm red-dy for Eurovision hopeful Lucie Jones vows to ignore any bad feelings over Brexit, tactical voting and gorilla outfits to sing her heart out for the UK tonight Saturday magazine The best magazine on the market has celebrity interviews, real-life stories plus recipes, fashion and a brilliant TV guide FREE EVERY WEEK IN THE RECORD
New stricter rules are likely to come into force later this year limiting the use of backless booster seats for older children.
Even the backless bras I tried with it can be seen.
One of the empty units on the arcade opposite the library could be used and backless seats would mean people didn't stay too long.
The show started with a bang with Aakriti Anand Singh dancing a seductive sequence to Infinity by Josh Project and Guru in a sexy backless gown.