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backfire on

To not proceed as one had planned or hoped. My plan to convince my parents that I'm responsible enough to have a car promptly backfired on me when I came home after curfew. The invading army's strategy completely backfired on them because they failed to account for the icy mountain terrain.
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backfire on someone

Fig. [for something, such as a plot] to fail unexpectedly; to fail with an undesired result. Your plot backfired on you. I was afraid that my scheme would backfire on me.
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in. to release intestinal gas anally and audibly. (Usually objectionable.) Whew! Somebody backfired!

backfire (on someone)

in. [for a scheme meant to cause harm to someone or something] to harm the person who runs the scheme. I hope this plan doesn’t backfire on me.
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The bandwidth of the short backfire antenna is directly proportional to the substrate thickness (h).
In Backfire, Chalmers reiterates this history in much briefer form (although he lifts whole sections with little editing from the earlier book).
The four aircraft, including the two Backfire Tu-22 bombers, flew eastward over the Soya Straits near Rebun Island, northern Hokkaido, between 11:59 a.m.
Others, however, are concerned the rule will be fully enforced and backfire, thwarting the SEC'S intent.
But remember, a presentation can backfire if it isn't prepared properly.
Global Banking News-November 27, 2017--Central banker says action against Qatar could backfire
THE fact that four of Newcastle United's remaining six games are at St James' Park "will backfire" on the Magpies, believes Graeme Souness.
Greedy tactics already backfired on Sisu and from my point of view they will also backfire on the caterers.
The implication that the UK is effectively England could also backfire.
A witness saw an airplane flying overhead and heard it "backfire." The witness further stated that shortly thereafter, he saw smoke coming from underneath the airplane.
A federal judge will hear legal arguments Tuesday on which label applies to the 10 co-defendants rounded up in Operation Backfire, the name given to the nation's largest ever investigation of radical environmentalists who destroyed property to promote their ideology.
I just hope Fergie's decision doesn't backfire on him.
Constant speculation and questions about the intentions of MG Rover's new Chinese owner could 'backfire,' an administrator of the Longbridge firm said last night.
But the water's power quickly deteriorated and the inventions could backfire, knocking the wearer off their feet.
My campaign manager, Jonathan Eubanks, felt it would backfire on my opponent [who is also a Republican].