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1. adjective Done or achieved in a clandestine, stealthy, illegal or illicit way, or by such means. Such backdoor appointments of its chief members of staff make me worry that nepotism is rife within the company. They were arrested by customs agents for their backdoor import of cheap tobacco into the country.
2. verb To use deceitful, duplicitous, or morally questionable means to circumvent someone's authority, influence, or integrity for the sake of one's personal gains. Government agents tried to backdoor the activist by planting discrediting information about her in newspapers.

backdoor approach

A clandestine, stealthy, illegal, or illicit means of doing something. These sorts of backdoor approaches to securing financial investments have been drawing the scrutiny of federal regulators. The telemarketing firm has been accused of using a backdoor approach of obscuring their affiliation in order to secure sales with customers.
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backdoor man

A man having an affair with a married woman. I can't believe you're having an affair with a married woman! That makes you a dirty, rotten backdoor man!
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backdoor trot(s)

Diarrhea. "Backdoor" refers to the now-outdated practice of using an outhouse. Something I ate has given me a serious case of the backdoor trots, ugh.
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backdoor trot(s)

n. a case of diarrhea. (From the time when people had to go out the back door to the outhouse.) I can’t go out tonight. I got a case of the backdoor trots.
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backdoor trot

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"Many times the priority is given to the retailer's own backdoor deliveries.
Over a period of two months, the product reported alarms on 121 items of non-Equation malware: backdoors, exploits, Trojans and AdWare.
ITEM: On February 22, 2016, Reuters reported that Apple--in an attempt to end its battle with the FBI by arriving at a compromise--has "urged the creation of a government panel on encryption." Reuters says the "idea of setting up a commission "--which Apple is supporting in an effort to have the Department of Justice set aside the court order requiring the company to create a backdoor into the iPhone--"may be a prelude to a broader legislative solution."
In the first half of 2015, the attackers used the following domains as command and control (C&C) servers for Backdoor.Breut:
updated custom backdoors, and throwaway CnC infrastructure, making it difficult
We really don't want to see this coming in through the backdoor through Scottish classrooms."
If recipients open the attached file they will be greeted by an old man gurning while the Rbot-US network worm and backdoor Trojan horse are installed onto unprotected PCs.
Undaunted by public opinion, Jones has been busy trying to sneak his bill through Congress by backdoor methods.
This includes using backdoor tactics to appeal to those who may sympathize with Bush but oppose a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
By ensuring that (they) are appropriately taxed, the regulations curb a backdoor form of executive compensation and promote greater transparency." Corporations often have used such arrangements, which consist of an agreement between two parties to share the premiums and/or benefits of a life insurance policy.
I-Worm.Lentin 32.48% I-Worm.Klez 17.69% I-Worm.Tanatos 16.91% I-Worm.Sobig 12.01% Macro.Word97.Saver 1.17% Macro.Word97.Thus 1.00% VBS.Redlof 0.73% I-Worm.Ganda 0.53% Backdoor.Beastdoor 0.31% Win95.CIH 0.29% Backdoor.Assasin 0.28% Backdoor.Optix.Pro 0.22% Backdoor.SdBot 0.21% I-Worm.Hybris 0.20% Win32.Parite 0.20% I-Worm.Avron 0.20% I-Worm.Hawawi 0.20% Backdoor.Death 0.15% I-Worm.Mapson 0.14% Backdoor.IRC.Zcrew 0.14%
Britain's general union, the GMB, says the move, announced by health secretary Alan Milburn, would be backdoor privatisation.
Johnston, chief executive officer (CEO) of RJ Reynolds Tobacco in Winston-Salem, N.C., "Forcing manufacturers to produce products that smokers find unsatisfying and unacceptable [such as nicotinefree cigarettes] is backdoor prohibition." Similarly, he says, "Advocating that the FDA regulate cigarettes as a drug -- which would effectively ban cigarettes from the market -- is clearly backdoor prohibition."
may tap the stock market to fund expansion plans in the future but it has ruled out doing so using the backdoor route.
Japan's gambling magnate Kazuo Okada earlier s asked the PSE to block the backdoor listing of Tiger Resort, saying that allowing it would be detrimental to the interest of the investing public.