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1. adjective Done or achieved in a clandestine, stealthy, illegal and/or illicit way, or by such means. Such backdoor appointments of its chief members of staff make me worry that nepotism is rife within the company. They were arrested by customs agents for their backdoor import of cheap tobacco into the country.
2. verb To use deceitful, duplicitous, or morally questionable means to circumvent someone's authority, influence, or integrity for the sake of one's personal gains. Government agents tried to backdoor the activist by planting discrediting information about her in newspapers.

backdoor man

A man having an affair with a married woman. I can't believe you're having an affair with a married woman! That makes you a dirty, rotten backdoor man!
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backdoor trot(s)

n. a case of diarrhea. (From the time when people had to go out the back door to the outhouse.) I can’t go out tonight. I got a case of the backdoor trots.
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backdoor trot

See also: backdoor, trot
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Even though the attackers in this case have limited resources, they can use Backdoor.
Asked if the backdoor listing may finally occur next this year, Ramos said "probably not", even showing less optimism when asked if the company could finally do it in 2016.
Blackwell's new show, tentatively titled Hollywood Bootcamp, is based on a set of strenuous performance workshops she offers through the newly formed Hollywood Backdoor group here in Los Angeles.
In the name of PSUs, no more backdoor entry will be allowed.
dll contains a backdoor trojan that allows a remote user to access an infected computer and assume control with the security rights of the logged on users.
More than a third of people interviewed admitted that they still had backdoor access to their old employers' data and a quarter of those interviewed knew that former colleagues could access--and yet they did nothing about it
ADL downloads further malware, which BitDefender detected as Backdoor.
3 backdoors to the basket as 4 clears to the elbow.
In creating Slim Lindy, Cooper draws on her own experiences in drag for her Backstreet Boys cover group, the Backdoor Boys.
SubSeven and BackOrifice are backdoor Trojan horses, which, as the piece does accurately describe, give an attacker the ability to spy on the target PC in real time.
Visitors can enter the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning Web site through this backdoor to go directly to the article, "The Strategy of Succession Planning," which teaches retiring executives about some advantages and possible pitfalls of succession planning.
Another target for Kerry is the backdoor draft Bush has instituted with his stop-loss order compelling soldiers to stay in Iraq after their term of enlistment has expired.
Kenneth is a condescending, borderline arrogant but modestly respected educator by day and a bed-hopping backdoor playa' by night.
Although utilities have been beaten down and are also suffering in this interest rate environment, this is actually a backdoor Internet play," says Paige.
Backdoor jams and technology issues continue to plague the direct store delivery channel, but the overall picture has improved in recent years.