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success depends on your backbone, not your wishbone

Success is achieved through dedication and effort, not hopes and dreams or wishful thinking. You need to work on your writing every single day if you really want to be a famous author because success depends on your backbone, not your wishbone.
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put (one's) backbone into (something)

To put a lot of effort into doing something as quickly or effectively as possible. Come on, we need to get this car off the road. Put your backbone into it and push! It's clear that the legislators have put their backbones into crafting a bill that will find support across party lines, as well in the general population.
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to the backbone

Through and through; thoroughly; in every manner or respect. The fellow is stubborn to the backbone; he won't even listen to my plan the whole way through! Though he grew up in America, Henry is still British to the backbone.
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put backbone into someone

encourage someone to behave resolutely.
As a metaphor for ‘firmness of character’, backbone dates from the mid 19th century.
1998 Spectator There is a widespread belief that if only Mrs Thatcher had still been in No. 10, she would have put backbone into Bush and got rid of Saddam .
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to the backbone

in every respect; through and through.
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n. courage; integrity. (Colloquial.) If you had any backbone, you would be able to deal with this.
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Second, the big backbone providers are moving to--or in some cases upgrading existing--fibre, adding new technologies like DWDM to increase bandwidth for the expected spike in demand for broadband services, and to deal with exponentially increasing network traffic.
This capability empowers IT professionals to manage the storage network backbone to better align their data center resources with constantly changing application requirements and business priorities.
Upon completion of the project, the routers will form an expansive broadband IP backbone providing a carrier-class platform for new, value-added services.
With Sprint's IP over DWDM backbone, L2TPv3 appears to offer a promising path to efficiently deliver Layer 2 services," said Barry Tishgart, Director -- Data Product Management.
To enable continued growth and performance, large IP backbone networks must address the scalability and cost issues of interconnecting to their peer networks.
In the event of a backbone provider having routing trouble, ISWest's Cisco routers would simply reroute its customer's traffic to our other provider," said Bob Johnson, chief technical officer for ISWest.
Full IP Transit not only provides all the high quality international connectivity to the US Tier 1 backbones as does Diveo International IP Transit, but also takes advantage of Diveo's sophisticated local routing policies, local private peering and NAPs (Network Access Points), and Diveo's extensive relationships with local and regional ISPs, carriers and other transit providers.
the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, today announced that France Telecom has selected Cisco as one of its key suppliers for IP networking equipment to expand its high-speed North American backbone.
Specifically designed by Cisco for service provider IP backbones, the Cisco 12000 series Internet router family is capable of satisfying current IP backbone demands for bandwidth, performance and reliability.
Measuring Additional Backbones Provides Broader and
As part of Diveo's strategy to provide the highest quality network performance and efficiency of its Internet Data Centers, Diveo has obtained multiple STM-1 backbones from various providers including Avantel (Mexico), Embratel (Brazil), Emergia, GlobalOne and Global Crossing.
the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, today announced that Beijing Telecom, China Telecom, China Netcom, Chongqing Telecom, Citic Pacific, Korea Telecom, SK Telecom, Swiftel and Tianfu Online have all chosen Cisco's 12000 Series Internet Routers to build highly scalable, services-rich Internet backbones in China, Australia, and Korea.
The modular flexibility allows Evanston to use switched 100 Mbps Ethernet over fiber technology as the backbone today and upgrade to switched Gigabit Ethernet for the school backbones if and when they need it.
With ServInt's advanced backbone architecture and peering relationships, our network has consistently ranked in the top three among all backbones for speed," he said.