back order

1. noun An item that is not currently available for sale but can be ordered. No, that dress is sold out, but we can make it a back order for you.
2. verb To order an item that is not currently available for sale. No, that dress is sold out, but we can back order it for you.
See also: back, order

back-order something

[for a merchant] to order something that is not in stock and make delivery to the customer when the goods become available. The store didn't have the replacement part for my vacuum cleaner, so the manager back-ordered it for me. The shop had to back-order some of the items on my list.
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That created a back-order so huge the companies couldn't make pumps for anybody else for more than a year, giving Taylor's brand time to become established.
However, the demand for the Seraphine maternity gown was so high that it's presently on back-order, Us Magazine reported.
However, back-order measures can be a source of confusion because inventory managers may report back orders with or without an associated duration.
Despite its efficacy, Zostavax sales have been disappointing and hampered by manufacturing snags, with the vaccine currently on back-order.
I recently purchased a new model Kimber Tactical Custom II that was on back-order for six to eight weeks.
Merchants have the option to designate products eligible for back-order and specify whether or not the software will charge for back-ordered products at the time of checkout or when they are shipped.
By allowing newer TSRs to handle easier tasks -- such as straight orders or catalog requests -- and sending more complicated jobs -- such as back-order check-ins and customer service -- to experienced reps, you get the most out of automation and human interaction, Kislik says.
That said, CompUSA still lists the notebook as on back-order.
Management also needs to assess the adequacy of the inventory back-order system.
All items immediately available are given a CWT of zero, and the back-order days are captured for all parts that have to be ordered.