back of something

(in) back of (something)

Behind something. There was some more honey in the cabinet—I found it in back of all the cereal boxes.
See also: back, of

(in) back of something

(American English, informal) behind something: There’s a large garden in back of the house.
See also: back, of, something
References in classic literature ?
Kadlu was an Inuit,--what you call an Esquimau,--and his tribe, some thirty persons all told, belonged to the Tununirmiut--"the country lying at the back of something.
I've never gone into a Ryder Cup with this much excitement coming off the back of something like this.
There's been a massive amount of frustration because I was coming off the back of something so incredible in 2008 and I wanted to build on it.
It is hard to come off the back of something so big and exciting, but I will have to focus on Sheffield and what lies ahead.
Putting young criminals on the back of something with ten times their strength, a mind of its own, the ability to gallop at 50mph (no gears or safety belt) and the capability of administering a good unwarranted kicking is a brilliant idea.