back in circulation

back in(to) circulation

1. Engaging in social activities, typically after an absence. Now that my exams are done, I'm excited to get back in circulation and see my friends again. Jill wants to get back into circulation after her hospital stay.
2. Dating again after the end of a relationship. I hope to spend some time with Matt now that he's single again and back in circulation. She has mourned her husband and is ready to get back into circulation.
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*back in(to) circulation

1. Fig. back enjoying one's social contacts; back continuing to make new friends and develop a social life. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) After her illness, Kristine looked forward to getting back into circulation. I want to get back in circulation and have some fun.
2. Fig. becoming available for dating again. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Now that Fred and Amy are through, Amy is getting back into circulation. Now that you're divorced, are you going to get back into circulation?
See also: back, circulation
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