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The fight legend said: "Burns is one of Scotland's great champs and it saddens me he is back at square one.
If I hadn't gone to a specialist I'd be back at square one.
Manager Phil Mullen said: "He is back at square one.
So, we have come full circle, with Little back at square one, saying again recently: "We have to grind out results.
But if the strength is not there, he could be right back at square one.
I've spent nearly 20 years making a career for myself and here I am back at square one.
He said: "It is coming along slowly but it is not right yet and if I come back too soon I could end up back at square one - I just can't rush it but I would like to think I will be back early next week.
If I come back too soon, I could end up back at square one.
We are back at square one, the doctors say she is not mentally ill so the authorities don't want to know.
From there, Tru wakes up and finds herself back at square one the previous morning and spends her day attempting to right the wrongs that were committed in her dream/vision.
If they blow millions chasing the dream but end up missing the boat, they're not even back at square one - they're right in it, with the future of the club up in the air.
1994: The long-running saga over Liverpool's street traders was back at square one.
After discussing the subject for a few minutes, Toledo ended up back at square one.
This year people were looking for me to take the big step - I felt I was back at square one.