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The fellow who built it's give up and gone back East.
The NDP government ordered Hydro to reroute the line to the west where it will then have to loop southward and back east.
He further added that he managed to find work back east on the straw-hat circuit but he couldn't afford hotels therefore, he lived out of the back of his truck, under a hard shell.
But who recalls that this obscure little war back East had a major impact on Oregon?
Global Banking News-May 30, 2012--UniCredit to cut back East European equity business(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Mexico's national disaster prevention agency says the ash cloud first drifted to the west and then turned back east towards Puebla - which lies 25 miles east of the peak.
Outgoing PM Ehud Olmert says Israel should withdraw from "almost all" the land it conquered more than 40 years ago and hand back east Jerusalem to the Palestinians and the Golan Heights to Syria.
No one would ever say for sure, but the bottom line was that Beard had resigned to head back East to be closer to family.
In the 1800s, developers hoping to lure investors from back east portrayed the Arroyo Simi as a beautiful river full of big fish and enough water to float a paddle-wheel steamer.
Meanwhile, back east, New Federal Theatre is wrapping up its retrospective of Shange choreopoems.
Scraggler is, or was, stuff that didn't go into Lowcard so it's a little heavier on the skate content, mostly Bay Area, but some back East stuff, too.
But instead of shipping empty containers back east, Heney says a great back-haul opportunity is containerized grain.
Now 29, Gillentine's in Los Angeles, auditioning for pilots and commercials, and making trips back east when a show appeals to her.
I even hear tell there were some good men at that school back East where you teach who couldn't keep their jobs for life because a bunch of women run the place these days.