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*back (some place)

returned to some place; at some place again. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; arrive ~.) I can't wait till we get back home. When will we get back? Is it much farther?


(at someone) repaying someone for a bad deed. (*Typically: get ~; have ~.) Tom called me a jerk, but I'll get back at him. I don't know how I'll get back for her insult, but I will.


n. one’s support or second in a fight. (From back-up.) I need a back I can depend on.
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Read the full report: 2014 Deep Research Report on Global Solar Back Sheet Industry http://www.
A bobblehead allows a student to clearly see that the balance point of the head is up in the head--actually at the intersection of lines drawn between the ears and straight back from just below the bridge of the nose.
2 -- color) Antelope Valley High School teacher Gilbert Paliza is welcomed back by Principal Karen Patterson and district superintendent David Vierra.
Take your left arm behind your back at the sacrum, with the palm facing outward.
The benefits scheme delineated in Title 42 would 'no doubt' be set awry without an allocation-back rule for back wages, notwithstanding 'accounting difficulties.
We can however, diminish the probability of injury, as wen as the probability that staffers will perceive the back pain they will almost certainly experience from time to time as a disabling condition requiring medical intervention.
We are doing in the 90s for property management back office operations what ADP and other companies did for payroll in the 1980s," comments APA Chairman Michael D.
The German take-back system instead imposes the disposal costs on manufacturers, who pay an "advance disposal fee" or pay to take back packaging.
There has been an enormous growth of interest in disabling back pain in recent years.
Fakes to the back freeze line-backers, which is beneficial for play-action passes.
Benefits: Brings your awareness to your back and which parts of your spine you can articulate.
Dancers typically have problems in the lower (lumbar) back, though sometimes the middle (thoracic) back can get into trouble.
These amounts typically included back pay and other damages allowed under the particular discrimination statutes.
Those at greatest risk for back pain are individuals whose jobs require frequent bending and lifting.
Decisions to sell rather than hold loans that are used to back securities also affect the timing for recording fee revenue in the income statement.