babysit for

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babysit for (someone)

1. To watch another person's child or children. In this usage, the child is listed after "for." Julia will babysit for the kids on Saturday.
2. To help another person by watching their child. In this usage, the person being helped is listed after "for," and a noun or pronoun can be used between "babysit" and "for." Can you babysit for us tonight? Dave's company is having a work event that we have to go to. I got one of the neighbors to babysit Charlotte for me so I could come to the party.
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babysit for someone

 and babysit (with) someone 
1. to attend and care for a child for a period of time. I'm looking for someone to babysit for my cousin. Will you babysit with my cousin?
2. to attend and care for a child for someone for a short period of time. Would you mind babysitting Roger for me for a few minutes? Sure, I will babysit for you.
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"He ended up making the pygmy goats his own and he spent many happy years living with those and babysitting for the new mums.
The actress posted an image of her visit which culminated in her both cooking and babysitting for Reynolds.
Mrs Charnock told an inquest she was "in her own hell" after reliving the harrowing details while babysitting for her daughter Emily's two children.
But I was babysitting for them last week and he ran me home.
The pal said Kid found himself babysitting for Anderson's sons Brandon, 10, and eight-year-old Dylan as well as looking after his son, Robert.
"I was babysitting for a pharmacist in the small town in Arkansas where I grew up," Arnold recalls.
But babysitting for me was really only about one thing.
But consider never babysitting for that family again.
A TART or otherwise, you shouldn't be babysitting for someone who is incapable of seeing you safely home.
Q I AM 16 and was babysitting for a neighbour when my boyfriend came round to visit me.