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babysit for (someone)

1. To watch another person's child or children. In this usage, the child is listed after "for." Julia will babysit for the kids on Saturday.
2. To help another person by watching their child. In this usage, the person being helped is listed after "for," and a noun or pronoun can be used between "babysit" and "for." Can you babysit for us tonight? Dave's company is having a work event that we have to go to. I got one of the neighbors to babysit Charlotte for me so I could come to the party.
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babysit for someone

 and babysit (with) someone 
1. to attend and care for a child for a period of time. I'm looking for someone to babysit for my cousin. Will you babysit with my cousin?
2. to attend and care for a child for someone for a short period of time. Would you mind babysitting Roger for me for a few minutes? Sure, I will babysit for you.
See also: babysit
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As in Alberta, there is no law in Saskatchewan that gives an age at which a child may babysit. Parents, using their best judgement and common sense, must decide.
Do you babysit? I can take my wife to the movies while you watch the kids," Paine told Pant.
Ms Pasquier said, 'My aim is to make Babysit 4 me the first choice for busy parents, providing them with a service that is caring, professional but most of all reliable.'
I used to babysit in some very well-to-do people's houses, and I cannot tell you the joy of hearing the front door click shut when the parents went out, after the "well you've got the number if you need anything" conversation.
Also, you could ask an aunt or someone in your family tree if you could babysit for them.
Among the items that have already been put forward for bidders are crockery and vases, household goods and offers of help to tidy the garden, babysit or make a Christmas cake.
The victim, now aged 25, claimed he used to babysit for Chick and would stay at the family home overnight, when Chick would abuse him.
Washington, Apr 20 ( ANI ): Julia Roberts has offered to babysit for newly engaged couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as a wedding present.
THRILLED Terry Yorath, who is looking ahead to a great year, said: "I have no idea what it is going to be like becoming a grandad, but I am looking forward to babysitting and all that stuff" happy duo Gabby and Kenny Logan Grandad-to-be can't wait to babysit twins
A BABYSITTER-turned-businesswoman is looking for childminders from Nuneaton and Bedworth as she launches a recruitment drive to find 5,000 people willing to babysit on Millennium New Year's Eve.
The events center around the popular children s books How to Babysit a Grandma and How to Babysit a Grandpa by Jean Reagan; Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak; Curious George by H.A.
Washington, Jan 5 (ANI): Zooey Deschanel has admitted that she is too nervous to babysit her three-month-old nephew.
And of the 3,000 parents quizzed by firm ReadyBed, 41% said the biggest reason they stayed in was they felt guilty about asking other people to babysit.
Now, I don't want to babysit for my aunt but she gives me pounds 10 and if I tell anyone why, there will be a fight.
My wife feels sorry for her and asks her to stay quite often which is good as she can babysit. But she is always criticising the house, my job and my wife's appearance.