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What I said was that at a certain stage in evolution, young mammals developed distinctively babyish features which served as |releasing stimuli' for affectionate behaviour from adults.
Does he suffer from nightmares, wet the bed, revert to babyish behavior?
He won so easily at Newbury but he was still a bit babyish, so Saeed thought it would be a good idea to give him more experience.
The illustrations throughout are fun without looking babyish and use contemporary elements such as giving the mission brief on a tablet screen.
Greatrex said: "We've not had a major discussion with the owners, but he is a horse that mentally is still quite babyish.
We liked him before the first day, but he ran at the Curragh and disappointed and we don't know why; maybe he was just a little idle and babyish so we put the blinkers on at Leopardstown and left them on here.
Decking out your o --spring's bedroom can become pricey, especially as children change so quickly, and grow out of designs that are too babyish.
He was a bit babyish and will come on plenty from the run," said O'Brien, who suggested a return to Naas in mid-May as a possible stepping-stone to Royal Ascot for the son of War Front.
M, Hamilton | I couldn't get too worked up about the report claiming secondary pupils are reading books that are too babyish for them.
Being one of the only two teens in the babyish British pediatric cancer unit adds to Megan's angst.
It's babyish to behave in this stupid way" - Novelist Joanna Trollope "There are many people in recovery all the time, and a great many of them do manage to stay clean, to do good, to sort out their lives.
99 This book is about a girl called Beauty who is very babyish.
Richard said he was babyish during the race, was caught flat-footed and won the race by staying.
He said it's nonsense and my son doesn't need such a babyish thing.
What you sound like is a girl who's made a smart decision, and there's nothing babyish about that at all.