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by main strength and awkwardness

By sheer force or physical strength. I couldn't get my car out of the mud until my brothers came along and moved it by main strength and awkwardness.

by main strength and awkwardness

Rur. by force or brute strength. Tom: How did you get that piano up the stairs? Mary: By main strength and awkwardness. By main strength and awkwardness, we got all the luggage crammed into the car.

main strength and awkwardness

Fig. great force; brute force. They finally got the piano moved in to the living room by main strength and awkwardness. Lifting the antique table must be done carefully. This is not a job requiring main strength and awkwardness.
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So a play on awkwardness has more universality," says Randall Rothenberg, a former New York Times advertising columnist who's president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.
Jack said: "I'm hoping the show will help break down awkwardness because it's almost a second tragedy not talking about a dead loved one because we don't want to make others uncomfortable.
Awkwardness, he claims, stems from moments of "rupture" or "unexpected shifts" in these relationships that expose the "differentials and misalignments in knowledge, affect, or desire among filmmakers, social actors, and viewers" (p.
It's weird and uncomfortable at first but then all the awkwardness melts away and you think, 'All right, we're doing this, so let's have fun with it'," he added.
Yes, nostalgia-wise they've nailed the embarrassing social awkwardness of those late-teen times to a tee - and, let's face it, there can't be too many shows that have one of the characters name-check Aberbeeg - but we haven't exactly fallen off our seats laughing.
To add to the awkwardness, the awards jury comprised former Supreme Court judge B.
More than a few Republican insiders are admitting that name recognition, money--and awkwardness he's shown on the stump thus far--are not exactly points in Stephen's favor, even against a governor who is hitting his low point in favorability ratings.
Using a vertical format to maximize visual impact, Bishop's take on the old English nursery rhyme captures well the gangly awkwardness of the crooked man.
SHOULD think that any awkwardness would spring from your slight guilt.
It is a handbook that provides realistic samples and dialogues that ca assist in providing clear and direct interaction with people, and helps to sidestep awkwardness while meeting issues head on.
awk*ward*ness noun <After a moment of awkwardness, I remembered who she was.
It describes barriers to parent involvement: parent availability, parent and teacher awkwardness, schedule conflicts, and school resistance to full parent inclusion.
Known more for its awkwardness, Lancia has never been a styling leader.
Cappello points up the irony of her own grateful abandonment of awkwardness in favor of textual "grace.
Well, when [Verraros and another male actor] go down on me, I was still wearing underwear--and Jim is openly gay--but there was still quite a bit of awkwardness.