awkward age

awkward age

The period between childhood and adulthood, which many find to be the most difficult to navigate emotionally. I always cringe when I look back at the stuff I wrote during my awkward age, so full of angst and self-importance.
See also: age, awkward

the awkward age

See also: age, awkward

the ˈawkward age

the period when some young people have difficulties as they approach adult life: ‘Gary seems such a quiet boy.’ ‘Oh, he’s just at that awkward age — he’ll soon grow out of it.’
See also: age, awkward
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The 5ft 10in teenager said: "It was really flattering to be scouted when I was 12 and it gave my confidence a big boost at what can be classed as an awkward age.
He is at that awkward age betwixt wanting to be like his dad and thinking the old man is a jerk.
and stinging Stuart, on Freddie's acting career: "You have been at an awkward age for three decades.
While there is much attention given to early childhood education and high schools, the breakfast pointed out the need to provide care and attention to middle school students, a group at an awkward age often neglected on the assumption that they are dealing with too many issues of growing up and that age is a "time to be survived.
Adolescence is an uncomfortable time for everyone, but for those of us obliged to enter the work force at that tender, awkward age, it can involve a multitude of cringe-inducing tasks, from donning embarrassing uniforms to cleaning up animal excrement.
He describes this period of life as a new awkward age and that until very recently, if people managed to reach 60, they just enjoyed what time they had left.
At the awkward age of thirteen, Arnold's turn came to accept a page of newspaper from his teacher and write about anything in it that interested him.
There's an awkward age gap between about 15-17 where people's interests tend to change and there aren't facilities to accommodate this.
He says: "It's that awkward age when kids are a bit beyond Harry Potter but they still want to read about people their own age.
This is that awkward age when the frankest of questions ("What is cunnilingus?
As someone who at this awkward age pined to be a professional baseball player - or failing that, a star pilot the likes of Luke Skywalker, who was making the jump through hyperspace to join the rebellion during the fall just after my 11th birthday - I understand that the career aspirations of a sixth-grader are poorly predictive of his eventual livelihood.