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I'm awful with/at names

I have a very hard time remembering people's names. A: "No, I'm Matt." B: "I'm so sorry, I'm awful with names."
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something awful

Terribly. The phrase is used as an adverb to emphasize just how bad or intense something is. Thank you for taking out the trash—it sure smelled something awful! My ankle has hurt something awful ever since I slipped on the ice.
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I'm terrible at names.

 and I'm awful at names.
I can't seem to remember anyone's name. (Said as an apology to someone whose name you have forgotten.) I'm terrible at names. Please tell me yours again. Haven't we met already? I'm awful at names.
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John Crawford, 57, 'wrestles with the awfulness' of what he did, the court heard
She added: "He is an asteroid of awfulness that has fallen on this world.
Not to start a one-down-manship of awfulness, it is worth remembering that not even a militant jihadist would desecrate a Bible--considered to be a holy book.
Lavishly embellished with bold and scratchy black and white illustrations which capture the full awfulness of all the characters, this fast-moving novel offers crazy action, creative word play and wildly hilarious plot.
"I think it's worse than the God Save the Queen image in a way, or certainly on a par with it for awfulness.
And yet, for all of its wretched awfulness, we couldn't help but include the film in our list; its massive visibility helped educate wide swaths of the population previously only dimly aware of the subject.
Come Cheltenham - and never, ever forget the awfulness of Aintree - the jockeys are going to have to remember and act on the rules.
When that novel is self-published and has a rough-and-ready wish-fulfilling anti-hero (named Gault!) who gets the girl, the presumption of awfulness only grows.
Nutcases - sorry, we mean competitors - have to complete two l of a 60yd trench stuffed full of dark, dank awfulness in the quicke possible, wearing snorkels and flippers without using any convent swimming strokes.
Accept a surprisingly low quotation and you will be rewarded with work of appropriate awfulness or possibly an uncompleted contract.
Moore, who won 64 caps for England and now works as a solicitor, said: "If you have been abused, you feel tainted by association with the awfulness of the crime."
He added: "If you have been abused, you feel tainted by association with the awfulness of the crime."
The way humanity deals with awfulness is truly unique.
Even with all the awfulness around us, we still endure.