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something awful

Terribly. The phrase is used as an adverb to emphasize just how bad or intense something is. Thank you for taking out the trash—it sure smelled something awful! My ankle has hurt something awful ever since I slipped on the ice.
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I'm terrible at names.

 and I'm awful at names.
I can't seem to remember anyone's name. (Said as an apology to someone whose name you have forgotten.) I'm terrible at names. Please tell me yours again. Haven't we met already? I'm awful at names.
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Someone will know and this is a truly awful offence.
With his humiliating dethronement and harrowing banishment behind him (see "God Awful Loser", 9780986320705, $18.
It is awful that no one was convicted of her murder in 2005.
Fantastic xxx MICHELLE MCDONOUGH: Caroline Summers thought you'd like to see this x LISA RICHARDSON: Angela Higgins how lovely is this x JANE PARRY: Lovely x RE CONWY VALLEY HIT BY STORM JONAS FLOODS JENNIFER EVANS: Omg, this is awful, my heart goes out to these peoplepl.
Awful, awful, awful," he told Swiss reporters, "For this game every adjective is applicable, as long as they are negative.
No, just another smoke warning and again more of this awful music.
Awful injuries though" Dee Denise: "Poor lady hope she`s feeling better soon
Eastman thwarts Boro rout, awful Clattenburg decision prevents Rovers leaving with nowt.
Mum Fliss, 41, remembers the awful moment she was told how sick her little girl was.
English-language publishers HarperCollins announced on Thursday that a new book by UK children's author David Walliams will be titled Awful Auntie and will be published in September this year.
Dean Richard Gleiwitz All the hype is awful when we play in any competition.
Valte however said that contrary to OsmeAaAaAeA~a's statement, President Aqui is far from being an awful manager.
gt;7 The Smurfs 2 AN awful follow-up to the awful live-action toon version in 2011 of the children's telly favourite.
needed medical and psychological aid, so awful the crime in Newtown was.
Frankie: @vaughany08 James Vaughan: He should also be arrested for murdering that song@ UnrealityLisa: Awful Frankie, awful, awful, awful 1.