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awesome sauce

slang Excellent, great, or exceptionally interesting. I couldn't take him seriously when he described the movie as being awesome sauce. Awesome sauce! I got an A on my midterm!
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How (something) is that?

That is very (something). Adjectives commonly used in this construction include "strange," "cool," and "awesome," among others. Did you know that hummingbirds can fly backwards? How cool is that? A: "Frank spent prom night home alone playing video games. How sad is that?" B: "Actually, that sounds pretty great."
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totally awesome

Sl. very, very impressive. His motorcycle is totally awesome. It must have cost a fortune.
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1. exclam. Great!; Excellent! (Usually Awesome! Standard English, but used often in slang.) You own that gorgeous hog? Awesome!
2. mod. impressive. That thing is so awesome!

totally awesome

mod. very, very impressive. His motorcycle is totally awesome. It must have cost a fortune.
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Slang for “wonderful,” “terrific,” originating in the second half of the twentieth century and used widely by youngsters. It transferred the original meaning of awe-inspiring, dating from the seventeenth century. A New Yorker cartoon caption had it (Dec. 19, 1983): “Third grade? Third grade is awesome!”
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"The festival is about trying to find your own awesomeness, and celebrating what you can achieve once you focus on something.
Western Star trucks are custom-built to the specifications of our customers, and the Wings of Awesomeness paint scheme is yet another way to show off their personality.
Lavishly illustrated with full-color photography, Pure Pork Awesomeness showcases pork recipes from around the globe.
After the therapy of laughter so bellyful I felt I was prepared for the final portion of the night, which would see me standing in front of the Mountain Stage for about four hours lost in the awesomeness of Television's and then the headliners Super Furry Animals.
Some pieces are four pages in length, including the opener, "Awesomeness," which extends beyond the five-finger pattern and includes a syncopated melodic line.
Follow the adventures of three heroes - a Paladin, a Valkyrie, and a Mage - on their quest for honor, riches, and super awesomeness by fighting the hordes of the Undead Army, crafty kobolds, nefarious bounty hunters, dangerous dragons - and more.
WICHITA -- Summer Osborne and Sarah McCracken's Left Coast Tour of Epic Mind-Blowing Awesomeness is making its way to Kansas.
Pure Pork Awesomeness: Totally Cookable Recipes from Around the World is a celebration of the pig--so if pork isn't desired, look elsewhere.
Seeing new stuff, skating new spots, meeting new bros and ladies--it's a no-brainer recipe for awesomeness. But you know what's not cool?
Enough hiding away, Scorps, let's see your awesomeness.
The three day BBC 6 Music Festival event started on Friday and came to a conclusion tonight described by our reviewer as "blistering awesomeness".
You start by reclaiming your awesomeness. Here, you will find five ways to help you reclaim your awesomeness.
As the instructions indicate, those 21 and over should refill their prescription "whenever empty." Side effects may include a feeling of "awesomeness," a "false sense of confidence," and a "loose wallet." As for dosage, "take one swig by mouth and repeat until empty." If the party goes outside, you'll be all set as long as you remembered to order your Secret Mitten Flask, which is sure to keep your hands and insides warm.
And a big thank you in advance to the volunteer marshals @JDAVVIDSON: Awesomeness is happening in @ WALESRALLYGB @_JONKING_: That's the work week done time to get ready for @WALESRALLYGB tomorrow morning #Dyfi #WRGB @PEATMOSSIS: perfect timing this morning for shakedown @WALESRALLYGB #wrgb !
Since Awesomeness is targeted at early teen viewers, it seemed like a strong fit.