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awesome sauce

slang Excellent, great, or exceptionally interesting. I couldn't take him seriously when he described the movie as being awesome sauce. Awesome sauce! I got an A on my midterm!
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How (something) is that?

That is very (something). Adjectives commonly used in this construction include "strange," "cool," and "awesome," among others. Did you know that hummingbirds can fly backwards? How cool is that? A: "Frank spent prom night home alone playing video games. How sad is that?" B: "Actually, that sounds pretty great."
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totally awesome

Sl. very, very impressive. His motorcycle is totally awesome. It must have cost a fortune.
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1. exclam. Great!; Excellent! (Usually Awesome! Standard English, but used often in slang.) You own that gorgeous hog? Awesome!
2. mod. impressive. That thing is so awesome!

totally awesome

mod. very, very impressive. His motorcycle is totally awesome. It must have cost a fortune.
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Slang for “wonderful,” “terrific,” originating in the second half of the twentieth century and used widely by youngsters. It transferred the original meaning of awe-inspiring, dating from the seventeenth century. A New Yorker cartoon caption had it (Dec. 19, 1983): “Third grade? Third grade is awesome!”
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they yearn to loom awesomely, but cows have chafed their shabby hides on them, cascades of soot have discolored them, and resting men have traced their bootsoles there with worn-down blades.
S civil aviation system is an awesomely big affair that moves far too many passengers every day for it to be possible to plug every leak without imposing crippling costs and delays on a prime mover of the country and the world.
How can a process that has worked so awesomely well for so long suddenly be so wrong for some living creatures in 2002?
The author, an assistant professor at James Madison University, has produced an awesomely researched historical text on America's most glamorous sport, college football.
This awesomely vast grey machine was, from the '60s, a great and welcoming symbolic portal to Malmo.
Not that having Wills on your case isn't worrisome: one of the best serious journalists in America, an ex-Jesuit seminarian (and a practicing Catholic), a classicist-historian-political philosopher-theologian, awesomely well-read and scrupulously fair.
Our main obligation is awesomely difficult for we must ask ourselves to cope with courage and good humor.
A 10-year-old altar boy tiptoed into an awesomely silent sacristy before morning Mass, the only sound the disproportionate striking of a large wall clock.
Such people are mere foot soldiers in a march directed by awesomely rich generals in the upper half of the I percent bracket, who measure their extraordinary gains not in income but in assets and net worth.
In the awesomely exciting matter of whether there may turn out to be intelligent extraterrestrial life-forms, for example, the issue is simply too important for its reality to rest on matters of hunch, "belief" or other such toothless methodologies.
After the awesomely difficult but oh-so rewarding experience in the original Dark Souls, the question is, do you dare yourself to once again engage against ultra-intense gameplay?
A nothing-packed first instalment delivered just about the most awesomely tedious hour of television I have ever seen.
The twist -- Macpherson invites local poets to read whole sets of work by often underrated and nearly forgotten poets -- is both educational and awesomely irreverent.
Compared to similarly-themed fare such as Arthur Christmas or the re-released Muppets' Christmas Carol, DreamWorks' awesomely average animated attempt to relieve families of their kerching this Christmas melts from the memory like snow.
I've noticed over the years, a growing tendency to throw out ministry names carrying great dignity, prestige and gravitas and replace them with something awesomely naff.