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awe inspiring

Creating, instilling, or demanding a sensation of reverence, admiration, and/or (potentially) fear. Her writing is absolutely awe inspiring; it stirs emotions in me I didn't think were possible. The destructive power of nature is truly awe inspiring.
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in awe (of someone or something)

Having a great amount of respect or admiration for someone, sometimes to the point of feeling nervous or fearful around them. Everyone in town was in awe of the movie star as he came through on his vacation. I've always been in awe of people who dedicate their lives to something like the military.
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shock and awe

The use of shocking, impressive, or intimidating tactics in order to achieve a certain reaction from others. (Hyphenated if used as a modifier before a noun.) It is by no means unusual for political candidates to use shock and awe in their ads to smear or discredit their opponents. The government's shock-and-awe campaign about the dangers of drunk driving was controversial, but it has reduced the number of roadside deaths by nearly 15%.
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in awe (of someone or something)

fearful and respectful of someone or something. Everyone in the country was in awe of the king and queen. I love my new car. In fact, I'm in awe of it.
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stand in awe (of someone or something)

Fig. to be overwhelmed with respect for someone or something. Many people stand in awe of the president. Bob says he stands in awe of a big juicy steak. I think he's exaggerating.
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in awe of, be

Also, stand in awe of. Respect and revere someone or something, experience a feeling of solemn wonder, as in All of us are in awe of his many achievements. This expression dates from about a.d. 1000 and originally meant "fear something or someone." Later awe came to mean "dread mingled with respect," and eventually it signified reverence alone.
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shock and awe

a name given to a US military strategy, developed in the 1990s, that relies on rapidly deployed overwhelming force to cow an enemy.
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be/stand in ˈawe of somebody/something

admire somebody/something and be slightly afraid of them/it: While Diana was in awe of her grandfather, she adored her grandmother.
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Following evaluation of the flow test data and an independent review of the Waitsia field, AWE increased Waitsia 2P Reserves by 80% to 820 PJ gross (net 410 PJ to AWE), he said.
AWES is designed to support joint, combined arms training missions that also include fixed wing and rotary wing components and is easily adaptable to mobile, PC-based training systems that can be rapidly deployed.
Cubic spent more than four years developing, constructing, producing, installing, field-testing, integrating and conducting trials of its AWES system elements.
The issue price for new AWE shares under the SPP will be the lower of the Institutional Placement price (A$0.
AWE Limited today announced that it had completed the sale of its 10% working interest in the Sugarloaf Area of Mutual Interest (AMI) to USA-based Carrier Energy Partners II, LLC (CEP II) for cash consideration of USD 190 million (before tax).
Gary Shrock, AWES program manager for Cubic, said Cubic is in the process of expanding its permanent site staff of technicians and training analysts to 34 people over the next several months in order to support the trials starting in July.
AWE has consented to sell its 10% working interest in the Sugarloaf project, in Texas, for $190-million.
AWES features fully integrated Tactical Engagement Simulation, including automated exercise data collection and analysis tools, direct-fire simulation effects, reliable field instrumentation, area weapons effects, and professional After Action Review (AAR) facilities.
AWE Limited today announced that the AWE-Operated L1/L2 joint venture has made the Final Investment Decision (FID) for Stage 1A of the Waitsia gas field development project, located in the onshore Perth Basin, Western Australia.
The AWES infrastructure, which consists of three buildings and seven large communications towers and electronic shelters in the United Kingdom and Canada, is a significant portion of Cubic's AWES effort.
Awe at the vastness of the heavens and my insignificance in comparison, awe at the incomprehensible beauty of the world and the diversity of life, awe at the common bond of kindness among our species.
Awe is the emotion felt when encountering something so vast and overwhelming it alters one's mental perspective.
Among those catholics who turn their noses up, or their thumbs down, at the changes made in the life of the church by the Second Vatican Council, there is a prevailing feeling that a sense of awe, especially in the Mass, has been lost.
The key, says Jennifer Aaker, Stanford GSB's General Atlantic Professor of Marketing and an author of a new paper on the subject, is that awe makes us feel small, not larger than life, the way happiness can.