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be aware of (something)

To be cognizant of or have knowledge about a particular subject or issue. Yes, I'm aware of the risks involved with the surgery, but I still intend to get it. I don't think you are aware of how much money such a project would take to complete.
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be well aware of (something)

To be knowledgeable about a particular subject or issue. I'm well aware of the risks involved with the surgery, but I still intend to get it.
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be ˌwell aˈware of something


be ˌwell aˈware that...

know very well about something: I’m well aware of the dangers involved.She’s well aware that not everyone agrees.
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Is there any difference in awareness of plagiarism by postgraduate students in federal.
Recognizing that many people find checklists helpful in planning and managing programs such as this, the report includes checklists for creating, sustaining, and documenting a security awareness program that can be customized as appropriate.
The activity complements international support for 'Pinktober', where famous monuments such as the Pyramids (Egypt) and the Merlion (Singapore) have also been turned pink to create awareness of breast cancer.
This report focuses on the global Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players.
"I'm absolutely thrilled about the release of the 2019 Security Awareness report," says SANS Security Awareness Director, Lance Spitzner.
These are some of the key findings of the 2019 Security Awareness Report, the fifth edition of a report produced annually by SANS Security Awareness, a division of SANS Institute and a world leader in security training.
A drug awareness stage drama 'Andhair Nagri' was also arranged by ANF at auditorium of Rawalpindi Arts Council to observe World Drugs Day with professional fervour and to engage and attract young generation towards healthy activities.
He said through public awareness campaigns, common men should be made aware of food allergic diseases and how it can be treated.
Chi square test was used to compare the awareness levels of the disease between the patients and their care takers.
[ClickPress, Fri Jun 07 2019] The situation awareness system is gaining notable traction due to proliferating applications across diverse industry verticals, mostly in aerospace, military & defense, and marine securities.
Metacognitive awareness was first defined by Flavell (1979) as the knowledge about one's cognitive processes, and the ability to control or regulate these cognitive processes.
HYDERABAD -- The Divisional Commissioner Hyderabad Mohammad Abbas Baloch addressing to the participants of awareness walk for XDR typhoid has said that waterborne diseases were increasing due to contaminated water and people downtrodden were mostly affected of it.
DUBAI -- The Pakistan Super League will observe Childhood Cancer Awareness and Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Days during the fourth edition that commences in Dubai on Thursday, February 14, a press release said.
ISLAMABAD: The fourth edition of HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) which commences in Dubai on Thursday will observe Childhood Cancer Awareness and Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Days.
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