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be well aware of (something)

To be knowledgeable about a particular subject or issue. I'm well aware of the risks involved with the surgery, but I still intend to get it.
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be ˌwell aˈware of something


be ˌwell aˈware that...

know very well about something: I’m well aware of the dangers involved.She’s well aware that not everyone agrees.
See also: aware, of, something, well
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In addition to dedicating the right resources and time to security awareness and working on the communications skills of security professionals, organisations should strategically leverage their budgets to hire resources who will get their awareness programs off and running.
implement a mass awareness campaign in the select branches of RBL.
The annual IA awareness training is accessible through the Advanced Distributed Learning System (ADLS), the authoritative source for all Air Force ancillary training.
Thus, we advocate for counselors' development of metacognitive awareness of their cultural context and how their thinking and perceptions may influence the way they view clients' cultural context throughout the course of intervention.
They have recommended that programs (a) promote self and contextual awareness, (b) utilize an ecological framework for problem solving, (c) utilize indirect service models, (d) use collaboration to achieve comprehensive program objectives, (e) align school counseling goals with local reform and improvement strategies, (f) use evidence-based best practices, and (g) use outcome-based evaluation strategies.
With self-awareness, a person has a 38% chance of having social awareness.
While the EPA prohibits companies from promoting unregistered products, Bayer's Smith believes soybean growers are already very aware of the implications of soybean rust entering the United States from ongoing education and awareness programs.
Existing data from focus groups conducted with South Asian women in Los Angeles (Surani, 1995) about cancer show very little awareness among South Asian women about cancer risk and methods of early detection.
5] According to Adams and Bonk, libraries can respond to the need for faculty awareness of resources with "relatively moderate resources.
In one-on-one exchanges, guiding young men to talk about their experiences from a chronological perspective may be the best way to sharpen their awareness of their development while enabling them to make connections between the relationships, life events and feelings they have experienced.
The easiest way to create awareness is to build on something that is already familiar.
This study focuses on a group of children in a phonology group that specifically targets speech production and phonological awareness.
Another specific site available through the MAIC home page is a link to the MAIC mine awareness project we ran in Quang Tri, Vietnam for eighteen months under a U.
Companies that regularly model ad awareness for their brand need to be clear about whether it is ad awareness or advertising awareness that is being modeled.
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