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be well aware of (something)

To be knowledgeable about a particular subject or issue. I'm well aware of the risks involved with the surgery, but I still intend to get it.
See also: aware, of, well

be ˌwell aˈware of something


be ˌwell aˈware that...

know very well about something: I’m well aware of the dangers involved.She’s well aware that not everyone agrees.
See also: aware, of, something, well
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iRobot products use the company's innovative Aware Robot Intelligence Systems, which oversee dozens of sensors that monitor the environment to gather feedback and instantly adjust the robot's behavior in response.
The company's proprietary technology, iRobot AWARE Robot Intelligence Systems, incorporates advanced concepts in navigation, mobility, manipulation and artificial intelligence.
Our teamwork has fostered system-on-chip test interoperability throughout the industry, and allowed us at Virage Logic to leverage it and extend it further to achieve self-repair in our Silicon Aware IP, and thus create innovative and exceptional results that I am extremely proud of.
Now, as the company celebrates its 10th anniversary, it is a global leader in semiconductor IP platforms comprising embedded memories, logic, and I/Os and is pioneering the development of a new class of IP called Silicon Aware IP(TM).
The second component of the PacketHop Communication System is the Aware for Public Safety suite of multimedia applications, which empowers first responders with broadband communication capabilities including real-time multicast video, resource tracking, instant messaging and whiteboarding.
PacketHop Aware, PacketHop Communication System and PacketHop TrueMesh are trademarks of PacketHop, Inc.
After successfully rescuing the umpire and apprehending the suspect, attendees received a tour of the ballpark and had a chance to individually test the PacketHop Communications System and the Aware for Public Safety multimedia application suite.
The PacketHop Communication System and Aware for Public Safety multimedia application suite will be commercially available later this month.
Guests will partake in a search and rescue simulation using the PacketHop Communication System, which is the public safety industry's first autonomous mobile mesh networking solution that provides first responders with standards-based, secure wireless broadband communications with or without infrastructure, and the Aware for Public Safety multimedia application suite, which delivers mission-critical information to first responders via multicast video, whiteboarding, resource location tracking on localized electronic maps and multimedia instant messaging.
For more information regarding the PacketHop Communication System and Aware for Public Safety multimedia application suite, please visit: www.
Aware is also a leading provider of standards-based biometric transaction and image compression software toolkits.
StratiPHY2+ and StratiPHY-Bonded are trademarks of Aware, Inc.
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