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award to

To bestow something upon someone. A noun can be used between "award" and "to." Our boss awarded the promotion to Joel. The All-Star Game has been awarded to the city of Columbus.
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award something (to someone) (for something)

 and award (someone) something (for something)
to give a prize or reward to someone (for something). The committee awarded a plaque to Andy for his loyalty. They awarded prizes for efficiency to two different people.

award something to someone or something

[for a judge or other legal entity] to decide in favor of a person or group. The judge awarded the judgment to the plaintiff. The jury awarded a large sum to the smaller company.
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From the publishing world, Craig Dickson of PennWell Publishing was honored with 2006% Distinguished Corporate Award.
org Deadline: 10/02/2006 Number awarded: The number of NFAA ARTS awards varies each year.
Award winners have demonstrated innovation, creativity, strategic alignment and effective graphics communication.
VFA-34 received the CVW-17 Top Hook Award for the first line period of its combat deployment in 2004.
It crowns the jewels of African American literature for children and young adults, and rightly so: named for one of the world's most regal women with the most noble of causes, the Coretta Scott King Award (CSK) will be presented in June for the 35th year by the prestigious American Library Association (ALA) at its annual conference in Orlando, Florida.
The Whitby Award consists of $3,000, a plaque and $500 for travel expenses incurred to attend the awards ceremony.
The Service Award is given to recognize continued and increasing service beyond the section level.
Service Award is presented to a supplier for outstanding contributions to the pulp and paper industry and/or the community.
This award is presented annually to two women's basketball players who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the sport of women's basketball and to academic excellence.
Amendments adopted in 1991 provide for other remedies, including punitive damages and awards for pain and suffering (i.
CPAs with clients involved in injury litigation need to be aware of how these awards are taxed.
After concluding the "American Rule" insufficiently encouraged civil suits alleging constitutional violations, Congress enacted the Civil Rights Attorney's Fees Awards Act of 1976, 42 U.
That's all they do is give out awards, I can't believe it.