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award to

To bestow something upon someone. A noun can be used between "award" and "to." Our boss awarded the promotion to Joel. The All-Star Game has been awarded to the city of Columbus.
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award something (to someone) (for something)

 and award (someone) something (for something)
to give a prize or reward to someone (for something). The committee awarded a plaque to Andy for his loyalty. They awarded prizes for efficiency to two different people.

award something to someone or something

[for a judge or other legal entity] to decide in favor of a person or group. The judge awarded the judgment to the plaintiff. The jury awarded a large sum to the smaller company.
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attorney's fees are not properly awardable to the defendant.
Depecage in this case frustrates the decision of the legislature of state X to condition recovery for wrongful death on capping the awardable damages, reasoning that a large award would generate a windfall for the survivors.
that attorney's fees are awardable in private party response
Geneva: April 14 -- (BNA) The Bahrain Airport Company has won the SKYTRAX AWARD2013 for Best Employees of middle eastern airports, one of the most prestigious awards in the aviation sector awardable to outstanding airports worldwide.
Appellate courts have routinely followed Palma in holding that fees incurred in litigating the amount of awardable fees generally are not recoverable in Florida.
Coupled with a 50% reduction last March, this measure reduced the maximum shares awardable annually to any one individual from 2,000,000 to 500,000.
The damages awardable in a Title VII sexual harassment case are the following:
Kuwait: March 12 -- (BNA) The 2nd Arabian Camels Festival kick-starts tomorrow in the sisterly State of Kuwait with participation of more than 420 well-bred Arab camels from 147 breeders inside the State of Kuwait and abroad to compete for a KD 200,000 awardable to the winner during the four-day event.
Rather, both statutes are intended to limit circumstances in which monetary damages are awardable from an individual officer or statutory manager to "any other person" as a result of "management or policy decisions.
Furthermore, the jury was discharged on November 7, 2005, the verdict was adopted by this Court and the Court will determine the amount of damages awardable under Civil Code section 3344.
Manama: May 23 -- (BNA) The Kingdom of Bahrain's General Organization for Seaports hosted the (creativity/innovation) prize awardable for excellent shipping operations as part of Sea-Trade2012 Awards for this year aimed at encouraging excellence, creativity in maritime and sea transportation.