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award (one) (something) for (something)

To bestow something upon one for a particular reason. Our boss awarded Joel the promotion for his experience as an actuary. The committee awarded Patricia the research grant for all of her effort this semester.
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award (someone or something) (something)

To bestow something upon someone or something. Our boss awarded Joel the promotion. The committee has awarded the city of Columbus the honor of hosting the All-Star Game.
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award (something) to (one)

To bestow something upon one. Often used in passive constructions. Our boss awarded the promotion to Joel. The All-Star Game has been awarded to the city of Columbus.
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award something (to someone) (for something)

 and award (someone) something (for something)
to give a prize or reward to someone (for something). The committee awarded a plaque to Andy for his loyalty. They awarded prizes for efficiency to two different people.

award something to someone or something

[for a judge or other legal entity] to decide in favor of a person or group. The judge awarded the judgment to the plaintiff. The jury awarded a large sum to the smaller company.
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those "properly awardable" under the substantive statute.
that attorney's fees are awardable, courts have held that
Most importantly, the court concluded that the insured never would have agreed to pay $295,000 to the homeowner's attorneys had it been required to satisfy the judgment itself, especially since it was prepared to introduce expert testimony in the state court fee hearing that $400 per hour was the maximum rate awardable to the prevailing party's attorneys.
Despite her acting trophy, the new film actress did not come up with an awardable portrayal as Vic Sotto's darling daughter in Joey Reyes' film.
Geneva: April 14 -- (BNA) The Bahrain Airport Company has won the SKYTRAX AWARD2013 for Best Employees of middle eastern airports, one of the most prestigious awards in the aviation sector awardable to outstanding airports worldwide.
Only if a defendant wins should fees and costs be awardable. Likewise, the same playing field should apply to plaintiffs.
(113) In addition, quantum may also be determined under foreign law, as in Karim, which held that the federal district court did not err in determining quantum of damages awardable to the injured Bangladeshi seaman applying Bangladeshi law.
The damages awardable in a Title VII sexual harassment case are the following:
In determining damages for loss of parental care, the court said, the jury must assess "the care, attention, instruction, training, advice, and guidance the evidence shows the [parent] might reasonably have been expected to give [his or her] children and to include the pecuniary value thereof in the damages it assesses." Absent a specific showing that a parent's guidance had a pecuniary value beyond the irreplaceable values of companionship and affection, no loss of parental care damages are awardable beyond a child's minority, generally age 18.
(1) In Florida, attorneys' fees are awardable pursuant to a statute or a contract between the parties.
What is it about medical dramas that make performances in them more emotional, emphatic and potentially "awardable" than other dramatic vehicles?
Kuwait: March 12 -- (BNA) The 2nd Arabian Camels Festival kick-starts tomorrow in the sisterly State of Kuwait with participation of more than 420 well-bred Arab camels from 147 breeders inside the State of Kuwait and abroad to compete for a KD 200,000 awardable to the winner during the four-day event.
This subdivision shall not apply and the applicant will not earn points when this appearance is in connection with another matter covered by another subdivision or practice for which points are awardable. By way of example, and for purposes of illustration only, an applicant will not earn points for appearing before an educational institution in an executive session to discuss pending litigation for which points are awarded under subdivision (c)(1)(C), nor will an applicant receive points when such appearance is in connection with a disciplinary hearing for which points are awardable under subdivision (c)(3)(A).