award to

award (something) to (one)

To bestow something upon one. Often used in passive constructions. Our boss awarded the promotion to Joel. The All-Star Game has been awarded to the city of Columbus.
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award something to someone or something

[for a judge or other legal entity] to decide in favor of a person or group. The judge awarded the judgment to the plaintiff. The jury awarded a large sum to the smaller company.
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References in classic literature ?
``Disinherited Knight,'' said Prince John, ``since by that title only you will consent to be known to us, we a second time award to you the honours of this tournament, and announce to you your right to claim and receive from the hands of the Queen of Love and Beauty, the Chaplet of Honour which your valour has justly deserved.'' The Knight bowed low and gracefully, but returned no answer.
"Now, as she leaves the industry to pursue a new endeavor, we present her with this award to commend her remarkable career in real estate and for being one of the City's leading cheerleaders.
Each year MTNA presents the MTNA Collegiate Chapter of the Year Award to an outstanding Collegiate Chapter and its members for demonstrating exceptional organization and depth of activities.
Tennant, who has an Emmy Award to her credit as well as being a former prima ballerina, collected the Golden Sheaf for Best Director--Fiction at the awards gala Saturday evening.
The Rubber Division will also award the Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award to Dr.
The trial judge reduced the $79.5 million award to $32 million, but an Oregon appellate court later reinstated the whole amount.
Based On: Achievement, talent, significance of the award to applicant's current artistic development
Ruud (1) presents the award to this year's winners (from 1), K.
Bradley in presenting this award to Phil Boatright a dealer representative from Virginia-recognizing his role in recruiting numerous new members to the ADAA.
Current law changes the focus from looking to the nature of the settlement award to focusing on the nature of the underlying claim to determine if the award is excludible.
On a lighter note, but interesting because of its social significance was the award to Two Minutes from Faradis, in the Short Drama category, a "Clueless meets Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" a one-hour comedy about a rebellious daughter of a liberal Israeli family who finds her rebellion in a romance with an Arab boy.
Kaplan also presented a $1,000 America's Young Choreographer of the Year award to Kimberly Rogers of the Elite Dance Academy in Richboro, Pennsylvania.
Having found the requisite "personal injury," the court held the settlement award to be excludible and reversed the district court's decision.
PWC gave its coveted Construction Leadership Award to the BPCA for its landmark efforts to create environmentally sound and financially viable structures and for its commitment to achieving inclusion of women and minorities.
Example: An employer, E, makes a safety achievement award to an employee, M, in the form of a gold necklace.