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awake(n) from

To rouse from something (often sleep). Today, I was awoken from my sleep by my neighbor's barking dog. Awake from your daydreams, class, it's time to talk about the periodic table.

awake to

1. To become aware of something. You need to awake to the serious problems plaguing our country.
2. To be roused from one's sleep, due to a noise or other stimulus. This morning, I awoke to the sound of my neighbor's barking dog.
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wide awake

Totally awake and/or alert. I'm exhausted today because I was wide awake until 3 AM, ugh. Don't worry, I'm wide awake to the possible repercussions of this decision.
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awake(n) from something

to wake up from something, such as a dream or a deep sleep. Tom awakened from a deep sleep at the sound of the phone ringing. At dawn, she awoke from her slumbers.
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awake(n) someone from something

to cause someone to wake up from something. The crowing of the rooster awakened Sally from her slumbers. She awakened herself from a deep sleep when she fell out of bed.
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awake(n) someone to something

to make someone alert to something, such as a problem or a need. We need to awaken the voters to the need for more taxes. They awakened themselves to their callousness and began to treat other people better.
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awake(n) to something

to wake up while experiencing something. Mary awoke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I love to awaken to music.
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wide awake

Fully awake; also, very alert. For example, He lay there, wide awake, unable to sleep, or She was wide awake to all the possibilities. The wide in this idiom alludes to the eyes being wide open. [Early 1800s]
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Our city needs to demonstrate to the rest of the country that it has these qualities and Godiva Awakes is the perfect embodiment of what can be achieved through the marriage of creativity and construction.
The Godiva Awakes carnival takes place on Saturday and Sunday in Coventry city centre.
Godiva Awakes is one of 12 regional public art commissions to celebrate the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.
Godiva Awakes is part of Artists Taking The Lead, a series of 12 public art commissions across the UK to celebrate the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.
Ilona Sekacz said: "The workshop will include a range of musical styles and vocal techniques and those chosen to form part of the Godiva Awakes choir will have a great opportunity to get involved with a project inspired to London 2012 right here in the Midlands.
The Wide Awakes emerged out of a hard-fought political contest for the governorship of Connecticut, considered "a presidential election in miniature.
Northerners became so accustomed to the roving bands of Wide Awakes that when a small earthquake struck Boston in mid-October, some thought the sounds came from the Wide Awakes running drills on Boston Common.
Godiva Awakes really does present a one in a lifetime opportunity for young people of all backgrounds from across the West Midlands to participate in London 2012 and develop their skills to create a new generation of makers, performers and event producers.
More than 1,000 people are already part of the Godiva Awakes project across the region, including the 220-strong Communitas, a 100 voice choir and a 100-strong cycle team.
The show is about dreams, insomnia and wondering whether you are awake or dreaming.
Mick, a 72-time British Cycling Champion, said: "It is fantastic to have been invited by Imagineer Productions to get involved with Godiva Awakes.
Projects like Godiva Awakes bring the Olympics to our doorstep and are an excellent way of encouraging people who would perhaps not normally take part in sport get involved and enjoy something new.
Members of the Godiva Awakes cycle team and choir attended the event, which included prototypes of the major arts scheme.
Almost 40 people with a passion for singing signed up for the song special at open auditions last month and they will perform in 2012 as part of the Godiva Awakes project.
They will be using theatre, carnival and dance to explore various themes and the work will be presented to Godiva in a large book on the night she awakes.