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awake to

1. To become aware of something. You need to awake to the serious problems plaguing our country.
2. To be roused from one's sleep, due to a noise or other stimulus. This morning, I awoke to the sound of my neighbor's barking dog.
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awake(n) from

To rouse from something (often sleep). Today, I was awoken from my sleep by my neighbor's barking dog. Awake from your daydreams, class, it's time to talk about the periodic table.

wide awake

Totally awake and/or alert. I'm exhausted today because I was wide awake until 3 AM, ugh. Don't worry, I'm wide awake to the possible repercussions of this decision.
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awake(n) from something

to wake up from something, such as a dream or a deep sleep. Tom awakened from a deep sleep at the sound of the phone ringing. At dawn, she awoke from her slumbers.
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awake(n) someone from something

to cause someone to wake up from something. The crowing of the rooster awakened Sally from her slumbers. She awakened herself from a deep sleep when she fell out of bed.
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awake(n) someone to something

to make someone alert to something, such as a problem or a need. We need to awaken the voters to the need for more taxes. They awakened themselves to their callousness and began to treat other people better.
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awake(n) to something

to wake up while experiencing something. Mary awoke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I love to awaken to music.
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wide awake

Fully awake; also, very alert. For example, He lay there, wide awake, unable to sleep, or She was wide awake to all the possibilities. The wide in this idiom alludes to the eyes being wide open. [Early 1800s]
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At this the astrologer vanished, "and making a horrible noise at his departure, the gentleman awaked" (20).
and suddenly regained her consciousness as her son awaked her.
The wake-up channel of any idle node is awaked for time [tau] based on probability [p.sub.i] in every listening/sleeping cycle [T.sub.cycle].
In a dissonantly similar incident in May 2004, his wife, who heard a car in their driveway in Nelspruit, South Africa, awaked former Springbok rugby player Rudi Visagie, reports.
Brief is the night that covers me, till the angel is awaked. Then shall my savior my loyal soul to his dominion take.
the Christian world" and "hath awaked and re-authorized the
In this case, freedom through emigration takes a different turn as her self-fulfilment is not social and economical, but emotional and of ambition: "she was awaked one morning by the whinnying of her horse with the full light of dawn in her face, saw herself surrounded by tall sequoias that, like centenary guards, had watched over her sleep, by gentle hills and, far in the distance, purple mountaintops: at that moment she was filled with an atavistic happiness that was entirely new.
The poor farmer of Cholistan has awaked from a 50-year bad dream and now Cholistan is not ready to become a hunting ground for the ruling elites and rather it will now become an altar for the oppressors.
Mandelet sees that Edna is struggling with the fact that she has awaked to this reality, on the one hand, but must "think of the children" on the other.
As discussed above, during 6 weeks of 10% fructose in fluid, mean arterial blood pressure were measured every week in awaked animals by the non-invasive blood pressure module (NIBP pressure meter, LE 5001, V02/0402L, Panlab, Hardvard apparatus, Barcelona, Spain) and ECG was recorded in anesthetised animals [ketamine (70 mg/kg, i.p.) and xylazine (10 mg/kg, i.p.)] by subcutaneous lead II method (Physiograph, EKG coupler, SO-02, INCO, India), QRS duration, RR interval and QT segment were measured.
The text is Genesis 28:16: "And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and he said, 'Surely the Lord is in this place and I knew it not.'" In twentieth-century Christian and Nazi Poland the descendants of Jacob--Israel's father and Stanley's--would awaken not, like the biblical Jacob, to salvation, but to slaughter.
(42) To the modern reader this initial failure of resolved, other-directed loving attachment strongly suggests an attributed primal narcissism, as if, very obliquely, Eve is being prepared for sacrifice; but an alternatively directed enquiry may observe in the diction employed a preponderant density of end-stopped formations: "That day I oft remember, when from sleep / I first awaked, and found myself reposed, / Under a shade of flowers ..." (449-51).
Indeed, if Smith is .correct, the Globe's architecture and building materials would have propagated the sound all through the theater: "As a twenty-sided polygon, the Globe provided plenty of reflective surfaces." (31) Macduff's response to Macbeth's prompt entrance ("Our knocking has awaked him" [2.3.38]) would then seem as humorous as it is ironic.
According to the corresponding TDMA frame, sensor nodes can be awaked and communicate with their cluster members.
Although still well below the yearly average, the Director of Agriculture in the Bethlehem Governorate said that the rainfall has awaked hope.