awake to

awake to

1. To become aware of something. You need to awake to the serious problems plaguing our country.
2. To be roused from one's sleep, due to a noise or other stimulus. This morning, I awoke to the sound of my neighbor's barking dog.
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awake(n) someone to something

to make someone alert to something, such as a problem or a need. We need to awaken the voters to the need for more taxes. They awakened themselves to their callousness and began to treat other people better.
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awake(n) to something

to wake up while experiencing something. Mary awoke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I love to awaken to music.
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You have to be awake to the historical moment and maybe a little crazy to think that this coalition of the unwashed, the raffish, the punks, the anarchists, the dope smokers, the tree sitters, the dumpster divers and the aggressive cyclists might actually constitute the Parousia, what Christians know as the in-breaking of God's kingdom on Earth.
Staying awake to ring in the New Year is more appealing to Americans residing in urban or suburban communities more so than to those living in rural communities.
The website was set up by the makers of Pro Plus pep pills, who commissioned Awake to devise the formula.
Designed to push their ability to stay awake to the limit, they will include getting massages and chauffeur driven rides in limos with the heating on full.
Parents Maureen and Neil, of Polmont, Stirlingshire, had to take turns staying awake to make sure the boys didn't die in the night.
"You've got to be awake to hunt and eat, and there are few things more arousing than food.
No long haul flights or coach holidays - no one else travelling would get any sleep as the snoring would keep them awake or the noisy one would have to stay awake and the partner would have to stay awake to nudge the snorer should he fall asleep!