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awake(n) from

To rouse from something (often sleep). Today, I was awoken from my sleep by my neighbor's barking dog. Awake from your daydreams, class, it's time to talk about the periodic table.

awake to

1. To become aware of something. You need to awake to the serious problems plaguing our country.
2. To be roused from one's sleep, due to a noise or other stimulus. This morning, I awoke to the sound of my neighbor's barking dog.
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wide awake

Totally awake and/or alert. I'm exhausted today because I was wide awake until 3 AM, ugh. Don't worry, I'm wide awake to the possible repercussions of this decision.
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awake(n) from something

to wake up from something, such as a dream or a deep sleep. Tom awakened from a deep sleep at the sound of the phone ringing. At dawn, she awoke from her slumbers.
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awake(n) someone from something

to cause someone to wake up from something. The crowing of the rooster awakened Sally from her slumbers. She awakened herself from a deep sleep when she fell out of bed.
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awake(n) someone to something

to make someone alert to something, such as a problem or a need. We need to awaken the voters to the need for more taxes. They awakened themselves to their callousness and began to treat other people better.
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awake(n) to something

to wake up while experiencing something. Mary awoke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I love to awaken to music.
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wide awake

Fully awake; also, very alert. For example, He lay there, wide awake, unable to sleep, or She was wide awake to all the possibilities. The wide in this idiom alludes to the eyes being wide open. [Early 1800s]
See also: awake, wide
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Berry Sleepy and Berry Awake have broad acceptance from Millennials and baby boomers who are seeking a healthy alternative to coffee and energy products, or quality sleep without morning after grogginess or any harmful side effects, in easily delivery vegetarian capsules and liquid shots, he adds.
Unite Against Fascism said of the Scotland Awake application: "This shows that politicians banning groups has real limits as racist and far right groups just reinvent themselves with a new name.
Some pre-requisites are fundamental for successful craniotomy in awake patients.
Since the tumour was in the Broca's area, the neurosurgeon indicated surgical treatment in awake condition under intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring of the patient.
Due to the extent of air way distortion in our patient, strategy was discussed with the patient and informed consent taken for awake ETI with the help of flexible FOB.
It would be interesting, she adds, to find out what happens to ion concentrations during REM sleep, when neurons are as active as they are when a person is awake.
When we are awake, the salt balance makes neurons highly sensitive to stimulation, as opposed to the salt balance in the brain during sleep, where the level of salts makes it harder to activate the neurons.
Awake at the Bedside is a collection that demonstrates what compassionate caregiving looks like at the end of life, while offering comfort to those readers participating in the caregiving process.
When successful, hypnosis was a reliable and reproducible method for awake surgery, with questionnaire assessments showing little or no negative psychological impact.
It may take them a few days to get used to their "red" cage, but then they will become active during the day when you are awake.
Older patients who have lost skin elasticity or have sagging skin due to aging would also benefit from the Awake Abdominoplasty procedure.
The aim of this cases report was to present a sedation technique with dexmedetomidine infusion combined with scalp block for intracranial tumor resection under awake craniotomy.
Several days ago, a report on Russia Today's Spanish website cited Kehm as the one who confirmed that Schumacher is already awake.