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aw shucks

1. An expression of shyness, happiness, or embarrassment. In this usage, "shucks" can be used by itself. A: "You're just too sweet!" B: "Aw shucks, you're gonna make me blush."
2. An expression of disappointment. In this usage, "shucks" can be used by itself. Aw shucks, it looks like we're going to lose the game after all. Shucks, the rain clouds seem to be rolling in now.
3. Indicative of shyness or a lack of sophistication. The phrase is typically hyphenated in this usage. Charlie was a nice fellow with a sweet, aw-shucks demeanor.
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1. A mild exclamation of anger, annoyance, regret, or disgust (about something). Often preceded by the interjections "ah" or "aw." Shucks! I thought that would fix the problem with the computer, but I guess something else must be wrong. Ah, shucks—that was supposed to be a surprise for your birthday!
2. A mild exclamation of humility or embarrassment, especially when receiving praise or flattery. Often preceded by the interjections "ah" or "aw." A: "I wanted to give you this gift as thanks for everything you did for me and my family." B: "Aw, shucks. I was only doing my duty, ma'am." I've been thinking long and hard about what I would say if I won this award, but now that I'm here, well, shucks—I'm downright speechless!
3. noun Something of very little value. Used especially in the phrases "not worth shucks" and "not amount to shucks." All their promises won't amount to shucks if they aren't willing to back them up with action. I learned long ago that people like him aren't worth shucks.
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(Aw) shucks!

exclam. a mild oath. (Colloquial.) Aw shucks, I ain’t never been this close to a woman before.
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Flashing that aw-shucks smile, he says, "Go forth and be the love." When was the last time you heard that at the post office?
I don't think you can call yourself Johnny Football while trying to pull off the aw-shucks persona perfected by the Mannings.
For a while, it's all very agreeable until, somewhere around the halfway mark, the comedy is shelled out of existence and the film becomes a mawkish, aw-shucks buddy movie complete with an ill-advised gosh-we're-missing-home flashback.
Then, somewhere around the halfway mark, the comedy is shelled out of existence and the film becomes a mawkish, aw-shucks buddy movie, complete with an ill-advised gosh-we'remissing-home flashback.
Here, Billy Batson is still an orphan kid in need of a good family, but this time, his aw-shucks demeanor is a sham, and the arrangement he has with his caseworker smacks of disdain, not the admiration Billy won from the adults around him fifty years ago.
The latest example comes from state rep Jeanine Notter, a Merrimack Republican who had an aw-shucks moment in the well of Representatives Hall to inform all of us that she has what she initially called a "shrine" to Robert E.
"He eats up the screen with his aw-shucks grin, takes a soccer ball to the groin, and utters what might be his hammiest catchphrase to date, 'Yeahbsolutely!,'"
But Will Rogers--who represented the vanishing prairie--wore many hats: a popular journalist whose daily column reached millions of homes, an aw-shucks movie star whose down-to-earth persona delighted film watchers, a gee-whiz radio personality whose distinctive voice entertained listeners everywhere, and, finally, a recognizable icon, the loveable Uncle Will.
Don Tyson, an aw-shucks Arkansas farmhand who turned his father's single-truck poultry-hauling business into a worldwide protein empire, crowning himself America's "Chicken King", died Jan,.
Lastly, Bond professes in his Strategies article that he is a sort of Forrest Gump, an aw-shucks "Everyman" who simply ran as fast as he could to develop as much work as he could.
In a musical landscape populated with faceless hard rock bands, bad emo hair and aw-shucks indie rockers who look just like the kids who serve you coffee in the morning, she s like nothing else.
For example an illustration of Uncle Fly-Too-Late lamenting his broken wing with an "aw-shucks" look on his face is complemented by a tiny primitive drawing of a crow trying to dodge a rock.
Theo Walcott, the aw-shucks kid who once worshipped Owen from afar, is trampling over the mound of mud that marks his grave.
As a tribute to Robbins, who cast him often and in diverse roles, Hubbe reprised the role of Rift in "Cool" from West Side Story Suite, in which he not only jazzes it up but sings and talks "very American." He ended the evening in Western Symphony as the cowboy in the black hat, in which his swagger and aw-shucks attitude won him the girl.