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Mackey, an avowed libertarian, replied that his approach has brought a lot more wealth for Whole Foods' investors than the one embraced at Cypress, which, he noted, has struggled to be profitable.
For the San Fernando Valley families suing the makers of the short-barreled Norinco 9 mm rifle that avowed white supremacist Buford O.
Stronach left the Conservatives because she could not stomach their "social" policies; as she is an avowed pro-abortionist and favours sodomite "marriage," these were obviously the policies she objected to in the Conservative Party, although Mr.
It's a rampant plan to engulf the world, a donning of protective and connective procedural layers against life's walloping flux, and a reminder of why, alongside Warhol and Richter, Hanne Darboven is another avowed hero of the German-born, London-based Tillmans.
Though the writer is an avowed atheist, his goal with The Second Coming was to create a human drama that treated believers respectfully while calling into question certain tenets of Christianity that have always puzzled him.
Helen Keller was an avowed socialist, a member of the IWW, a suffragette, a supporter of Eugene Debs and a denouncer of American involvement in WW I.
Rastafarian and Muslim inmates, on behalf of a class of inmates whose avowed religious beliefs forbid them from cutting their hair or shaving their beards, sued District of Columbia and federal prison officials.
The board received three resolutions suggesting changes in leadership standards in order to permit avowed homosexuals to serve as Boy Scout leaders.
If the reader is getting the impression that this reviewer is hard hearted toward the book, let us look at the section devoted to Masaccio, as a test case, partly because he is among my fuvorite Renaissance artists, one who stands at the beginning of the new art, by most accounts and not far from 1400, the avowed starring date for the book's coverage.
The avowed denials about a spy in NATO's ranks were dismissed as standard practice of military officialdom.
Philip Randolph, an avowed anti-Stalinist socialist, and Ralph J.
I go to the cafe to create my relationships," the defiant murder suspect Sebastien Billoir avowed during an 1876 pretrial investigation.
duPont is an avowed animal lover and one the world's leading breeders of Thoroughbred racehorses, including 5-time U.
An avowed animal lover, Antonovich has proposed that the county conduct a study to see whether its workers could get a group insurance program for their dogs, cats and other beloved critters.
We all know that shows like this--and years and years of more subtle predecessors--have always been the way we avowed homosexuals indoctrinate unsuspecting heterosexuals into our deviant lifestyle.