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avert (something) (away) from

To distract or divert something from someone or something else. I will do my best to avert all attention away from you at the party, don't worry. I knew I wasn't meant to be a doctor when I had to avert my eyes from every blood draw.
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avert something (away) from someone or something

to turn or divert something away from someone or something. We will attempt to avert attention from the problems. She averted her eyes from Bill when he walked by.
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References in classic literature ?
The merchant, protesting his innocence, bewailed his wife and children, and tried pitifully to avert his fate.
The tact and skill which suffice to avert a Woman's sting are unequal to the task of stopping a Woman's mouth; and as the wife has absolutely nothing to say, and absolutely no constraint of wit, sense, or conscience to prevent her from saying it, not a few cynics have been found to aver that they prefer the danger of the death-dealing but inaudible sting to the safe sonorousness of a Woman's other end.
The first threshold number was calculated by assuming the system averts a constant number of cases every year.
c) Threshold number of cases averted in the first year above which the system is cost-beneficial, assuming the system does not avert any cases in subsequent years and continues to incur costs.
Although the per unit cost of each method is substantially higher for MSUs the cost per birth averted and cost per CYP are lower for MSUs as it basically offers only two methods IUD and surgery (which averts more births vis-a-vis other temporary methods) whereas FWCs offer all methods.
It also averts addiction by identifying multiple prescriptions from different providers, over-utilization and patients who are at risk for becoming involved in drug abuse.