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average out

1. To come to an average amount or value over time. Often followed by "to." The cost of hosting the extravagant event averages out to nearly $4,000 per day for the company. The results will probably seem quite extreme at first, but they should average out over time.
2. To divide up (something) proportionally among other people. Be sure to average out the earnings to everyone involved. We'll get this done quicker if we average out the workload between us.
3. To achieve average or mediocre results among various different activities, as in school or university. Kids are led to believe that they'll never amount to anything if they simply average out between all their classes. I had been hoping to get into Harvard Law School, but I've been averaging out this semester, so I don't think my chances are very good.
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average out (to)

1. To calculate the median number of a set of figures. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "average" and "out." You need to average out your expenses and make a budget for yourself. I haven't averaged the kids' test scores out yet, but I don't think it will be a very high number, as most of them failed.
2. To reach an amount that is indicative of an overall situation (rather than the occasional high or low points). In this usage, "to" is commonly part of the phrase. I've had both high and low test scores this semester, but I think it will average out to a decent overall grade.
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average out (at something)

 and average out (to something)
to equal something as the average of a set of figures. The figures averaged out at what was expected. Will the charges average out to a reasonable figure? Over time, our expenses will average out to a low monthly outlay.
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average out

1. To calculate the average of something: Let's average out the students' scores to see how well the class did overall. We took the rainfall figures for every summer since 1950 and averaged them out.
2. To have some amount as an average: The time you spend on the phone averages out to three hours each day. Though there are some very high prices here, there are some low ones, too, and they average out.
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