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Averageness is attractive, says Lisa DeBruine, an experimental psychologist at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.
On a general information-processing bias account such as the prototype account described above, one might expect averageness to be attractive in human bodies, in which case, experience should influence what is perceived as attractive because experience defines what is average.
russell from this that at points Marshall, who refused to get dragged into the averageness suffocating the game.
Several studies have proposed that the masculinity and the averageness of faces are linked to heritable benefits and so should be found attractive (e.
As an exploration into the power of averageness, Wrange's project may well have provided the leitmotif both of the exhibition and of a putative future Europe.
Well, boredom, listlessness, inertia, and averageness are the subjects of a number of the stories.
But here goes: Mediocrity, averageness, dull moderation.
Kids remarkable for a kind of classic Rockwellian USA averageness, the products of balanced diets, vigorous daily exertion, and solid GOP upbringings.
This conclusion contrasts with that of another study, which places averageness at the center of facial attractiveness (SN: 5/12/90, p.
Stones was typically classy and assured while Mo Besic added a degree of urgency as a half-time replacement for Ross Barkley, but their positive inputs were swamped in a sea of averageness.
Two mid-table teams, neither capable of upward or downward momentum, and two sides mired in sheer averageness because that is the best way to describe the Bluebirds now for sure, shockingly and outrageously average on all levels.
In one chapter, he looks at how the perception of beauty comes from facial symmetry and what he calls averageness.
It is all about ups and downs--and about sharp distinctions, Yet the overriding impression left by this strenuous millennial edition was one of art professional averageness ad infinitum.
More direct evidence for the role of FA in judgment of facial attractiveness comes from the study of Grammer and Thornhill (1994), who found that even when facial averageness was controlled, the ratings of normal photos of both sexes were negatively correlated with facial FA.
My genius, if I can call it that, is to combine a whole load of averageness into one compact frame.