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avenge (oneself)

To retaliate against another for a wrong done to oneself; to get revenge. Tiffany is always gossiping about me, so I avenged myself by starting a rumor about her. How do you plan to avenge yourself for their act of sabotage?
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avenge oneself (on someone or something) (for something)

 and avenge oneself (against someone or something) (for something)
to get even with, or take revenge against someone or something for some hurt or damage. They avenged themselves on the enemy for the surprise attack. He avenged himself against the storekeeper for the false charges. Mary avenged herself for her ex-husband's neglect to pay child support. Tom avenged himself on Bill for Bill's previous insults.
See also: avenge
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As soon as I had that lady flattened out at low level, I opened the bay doors," said Overley, who always called the Avenger a lady.
Robinson flew his TBM Avenger, nicknamed "JoDo," on a test flight of air-to-ground rockets at the newly established Naval Ordnance Test Station Inyokern, Calif.
Make sure Avenger crews Know they are NOT supposed to push the valve on the FLIR.
Light--white grease is slightly visible, Use a small brush or cleaning patch, They're part of the Avenger BII.
Batteries: The Avenger is extremely sensitive to low voltage.