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We further believe the entrance of Macromedia and its Flash video solution, combined with provisioning support at the CDN level in support of streaming ad initiatives, plus a desire by advertisers to take advantage of rapidly expanding universe of video avail inventory signals a period of rapid revenue growth.
The Company's profile is on the rise, as evidenced in the fact that XRAYMEDIA is approached by a steady stream of new mediums looking for an innovative platform to reach more advertisers interested in their featured media avails.
XRAYMEDIA has been steadily increasing its media avails in the LMM v5.
XRAYMEDIA has secured network primetime movie avails on such networks as USA Network, and LIFETIME.
In LOS ANGELES, XRAYMEDIA has also tapped into the initial top 10 PRIMETIME networks covering TNT with the NBA PLAYOFFS primetime and network MOVIES, MTV with avails among various network specials and programming such as The Osbournes, DISCOVERY Channel, including Discovery Zone, and American Chopper, HGTV with popular programs like Debbie Travis' face Lift and Sensible Chic, ESPN PRIME, USA PRIME, FX PRIME with avails among widely watched programs like Cops, LIFETIME PRIME, NICKELODEON primetime, and E
iBROADCAST Avails Report data shows that more advertising supported streams are available in 2004 than ever before, and ads are even appearing inside subscriptions streams.
com) publishes the monthly reports iBroadcast Stream Report, iBroadcast Avails Report, iBroadcast Mobile Content Report, and annual streaming media reports with extensive market data and expert analysis.
This solution will also provide multiple system operators (MSOs), broadcasters and other system operators with the ability to implement digital advertising insertion on a local and regional headend basis, thereby providing incremental revenue from the same inventory of ad avails, and supplemental revenue from each interactive digital commercial.
This report analyzes market inventory by avail type, including pre-roll, mid-stream, post-roll, embedded units (outside the media player environment), sponsorships, CPMs (which are often blended to account for other synchronized media), campaign sizes, buy/sell dynamics, types of advertisers and product categories.
Avail Solutions, a provider of innovative data protection software, announced today the general availability in August 2004 of its INTEGRITY(R) backup and recovery software solution for Mac OS X.
Mac OS X users expect a high level of quality and performance in their products and INTEGRITY is built to those high standards," said Randy Thorburn, Vice President of Marketing of Avail Solutions.
With INTEGRITY, Avail Solutions offers a comprehensive data backup software that helps our enterprise customers protect their most valuable asset.
Mac OS X users expect a high level of quality and performance in their products and INTEGRITY is built to those high standards," stated Randy Thorburn, vice president of marketing of Avail Solutions.
Avail will showcase the INTEGRITY functionality at this year's MacWorld Expo to be held in Boston on July 13th.