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make (someone or something) available to (one)

To allow one to avail of something or the services of someone else. She made her assistance available to me so that I could finish the project before the deadline. We'll make all of our resources available to you while you work on this.
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make someone or something available to someone

to supply someone with someone or something. I made my car available to Bob. They made their maid available to us.
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Some researchers used another statistical value to describe the availability of a PV system, namely, loss of power supply probability (LOSP).
The availability between two terminals [A.sub.st](x) is in that case the parallel sum of path value v([P.sub.i]) over all individual paths from s to t
The availability of hydraulic turbine regulating depends on the SRA intrinsic availability:
There is no room for compromise when it comes to data availability--no matter what the application, SATA RAID controllers offer the latest data availability features including failover capability with port selectors to handle failures in the data path.
PolyServe will support Oracle Database 10g on Microsoft(R) Windows(R) platforms immediately following its general availability from Oracle.
For scrap handlers in critical parts of the operation, such as feeding scrap processing equipment, consistent availability is a must, and thus keeping unscheduled dowtime to a minimum is critical.
From solutions that incorporate monitoring and diagnostics for your network, voice and applications to data and voice protection, high availability and security services, Command and Control solutions from Sprint can keep your communications and technology safe and operational.
(1.) Akinbami LJ, Gandhi H and Cheng TL, Availability of adolescent health services and confidentiality in primary care practices, Pediatrics, 2003, 111(2):394-401.
When server availability ranks as a fundamental computing requirement, assured-availability technologies--those that deliver 99.999% uptime--should be the first choice from a range of product options.
In order for technical, purchasing and management personnel to gain insight into the market factors that affect the price, quality and availability of raw materials essential for iron casting production, the AFS Ferrous Charge Materials Committee (8-G) held its first Ferrous Foundry Melting Materials Conference on October 13-14, 1997.
In recent years reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) concepts have been widely applied in production plants as a tool for plant maintenance as well as for performance monitoring.
CBRE data points to limited real estate availability. The "Industrial Availability Index" recently issued by commercial real estate firm CBRE highlights the limited availability of U.S.
industrial real estate sector's national availability rate should peak at 14.2% by the end of September before falling to 14.0% in the fourth quarter of 2010 and continuing a slow descent into the first half of next year.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-26 January 2010-Neverfail unveils Continuous Availability Director(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com