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Some few of the poorer Norman gentry might also be seen, distinguished by their shaven chins and short cloaks, and not less so by their keeping together, and looking with great scorn on the whole solemnity, even while condescending to avail themselves of the good cheer which was so liberally supplied.
Nor did the assistants scorn to avail themselves of those means of consolation, although, every now and then, as if suddenly recollecting the cause which had brought them together, the men groaned in unison, while the females, of whom many were present, raised up their voices and shrieked for very woe.
But they did not even attempt to avail themselves of it: never once did they follow me: my ears were in too good training to make any mistake.
She was confirmed in this delusion by the fact that she had become a very wealthy heiress and also by the fact that the older she grew the less dangerous she became to men, and the more freely they could associate with her and avail themselves of her suppers, soirees, and the animated company that assembled at her house, without incurring any obligation.
The truth of this is sufficiently manifest from the single circumstance, that the philosophers of the schools accept as a maxim that there is nothing in the understanding which was not previously in the senses, in which however it is certain that the ideas of God and of the soul have never been; and it appears to me that they who make use of their imagination to comprehend these ideas do exactly the some thing as if, in order to hear sounds or smell odors, they strove to avail themselves of their eyes; unless indeed that there is this difference, that the sense of sight does not afford us an inferior assurance to those of smell or hearing; in place of which, neither our imagination nor our senses can give us assurance of anything unless our understanding intervene.
The family of distinction with whom she is engaged, desire to avail themselves of her services as soon as possible.
An official of the Department of Foreign Affairs earlier said the department was expected to repatriate up to 10,000 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), mostly domestic helpers seeking to avail themselves of the Kuwaiti government's amnesty program to get exit visas.
Children with autism and other developmental disabilities can now avail themselves of free therapy through the Philippine Health Insurance Corp.
de Leon and Ugong in Valenzuela may avail themselves of this cleaning service, which normally costs around P4,000 per truck.
Dubai: Some travellers from Bangladesh can avail themselves of a free UAE visa when they make a stopover in Dubai on their way to destinations outside the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.
The procurement of electricity, gas, water and associated services for Red Kite Alliance and other Contracting Authorities that wish to avail themselves of the facilities of the Framework.
The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) urged yesterday remaining Filipinos in Libya to avail themselves of the government's mandatory repatriation.
Moreover, this is the last opportunity for inactive companies to avail themselves of the incentives under the schemes.
But he explained that those who opt out would not be able to avail themselves of the Common Experience Payment (CEP) and the Individual Assessment Process (IAP) provided by the agreement.
Singapore Airlines passengers traveling out of Los Angeles International may now avail themselves of a new door-to-door baggage pick-up service called BaggageDirect.