avail (oneself) of

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avail (oneself) of

To utilize an available resource. I was so overwhelmed trying to get my house ready for the party that I availed myself of a local cleaning service. My dear students, I encourage you to avail yourself of the campus library as much as possible.
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avail oneself of something

to help oneself by making use of something that is available. We availed ourselves of Tom's goodwill and let him repair the fence. The campers availed themselves of the first chance in a week to take a shower.
See also: avail, of

avail oneself of

1. Take advantage of, benefit by. For example, To get a better mortgage, he availed himself of the employee credit union. [Late 1500s]
2. Use, employ, as in I'll avail myself of the first cab to come along. [Mid-1800s]
See also: avail, of

avail (oneself) of

To make use of.
See also: avail, of
References in classic literature ?
AS a preface is the only place where an author can with propriety explain a purpose or apologize for shortcomings, I venture to avail myself of the privilege to make a statement for the benefit of my readers.
Of course, I might avail myself of the cover of night; but, alas
I shall scarcely be able to avail myself of your hospitality, gentlemen, it is already time for me to go," replied Prince Andrew looking at his watch.
Not so,' was Peter's mild reply, His cheeks all wet with grateful tears; No man recalls, so well as I, Your services in bygone years: And this new offer, I admit, Is very very kindly meant-- Still, to avail myself of it Would not be quite convenient
It is a hundred to one if I should avail myself of it four times in a year.
My dear madam," he replied, "this invitation is particularly gratifying, because it is what I have been hoping to receive; and you may be very certain that I shall avail myself of it as soon as possible.
My first proceeding was to avail myself of the sublime devotion of my wife.
Because I expect to avail myself of the trade-winds, the direction of which is always the same.
I will take exceeding good care not to avail myself of it, captain.
Sir Goreham Briggs--your chief, I believe--has invited me several times to Scotland Yard, and I have always meant to avail myself of his kindness.
I shall be glad to avail myself of your professional assistance, Mr.
That is why I avail myself of this opportunity to congratulate our citizens in Qatar this holiday the Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina," he said.
I avail myself of this opportunity to wish you a wellbeing and prosperity for the friendly people of Mongolia," the message read.
I avail myself of this opportunity to express my recognition for the engagements of the Nizami Ganjavi International Centre, as an entity with a special place on the international scene and an established partner in terms of political and government decision makers.
It am very pleased to meet you today and I would like to avail myself of this opportunity to thank you for the principled position, the feat, the power of spirit you demonstrated in 2014 and 2015.